College outfielder runs through wall on HR

Time to update those blooper reels

April 19th, 2021

Rodney McCray has been a great trivia answer and a constant on MLB blooper reels ever since he ran through the outfield wall as a Minor Leaguer in 1991. Well, he's got some rather painful company now.

On April 4, the Wesleyan Cardinals were playing the Amherst College Mammoths when Mammoths second baseman Daniel Qin hit a deep drive to left field. Dylan Judd raced back, back, back and, instead of looking up, ran through the outfield wall. Yeah, if you've ever wondered where the name "warning track" came from, here's your answer:

Fortunately Judd wasn't hurt, but perhaps this isn't all that strange of an occurrence as the broadcaster never seemed particularly surprised that a fielder sprinted straight through the wall. Or maybe he's just watched the McCray video enough to be ready for it.

"I’m not gonna lie, it really didn’t hurt. I even waved off the trainer," Judd relayed in a message. "My teammates were dying laughing, which is totally fair."

Naturally, this was also Judd's first college start in the outfield after having pitched exclusively the previous two seasons.

"We started doing tracking and footwork the next practice," Judd wrote. "Safe to say I’ve been DHing since then."

(h/t r/baseball)