Inbox: How is the A's bullpen shaping up?

Beat reporter Jane Lee fields questions from fans

January 31st, 2019

Projected bullpen as of now? Do you still feel it's one of the best in the American League? I have some concerns with the depth.
-- @Vegas_Vandal

The mere presence of makes it one of the best, no question, and the closer is flanked by a slew of strong arms -- including an experienced closer () and a future closer () right behind him. has also proven invaluable to the A's, and you have to like having as your go-to lefty. , even past age 40, posted solid numbers last year, and left a good impression at season's end. That's seven right there, and I suspect the A's will carry eight in their bullpen -- particularly if they're serious about keeping an "opener" on board. That job would presumably go to again.
There will be others in the hunt for a job, though: and will be in the mix, and offseason acquisition Tanner Anderson could ultimately be grouped among this bunch, too, should the A's decide not to stretch him out in Spring Training. Then there's the strong possibility of the A's adding another lefty to the 'pen before the season opens, so stay tuned.
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Any update on a potential extension?
-- @JimmerDMC

There has been ongoing dialogue between the two sides for quite some time, but I just don't see this thing getting done anytime soon, if it gets done at all. There's really no urgency here, it seems, so I'd imagine the A's would at least wait until next offseason to try to hammer something out -- especially since the market is so wacky right now, anyway.
This would be no small deal for these A's, but I think Davis is more than worth it. His presence on and off the field cannot be overstated, and his production speaks for itself.
What are the odds will be on the 25-man roster come Opening Day?
-- @IAmAndresMM

Right now, I see Fowler as the odd man out come Opening Day -- but I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be an integral piece of this 2019 team. will have a leg up on Fowler entering camp, but I could see the tables turning as the season wears on. There's also the chance regresses in his first full big league season (though I hope that's not the case, because he was an absolute joy to watch play in 2018), which would allow Fowler entry back into center field. Yet there's also , and in the mix for those two spots, so Fowler will really have to prove himself to earn a job.

Will pitch for the A's this year?
-- Eddie C., Warsaw, Mo.

It's highly unlikely. Gossett underwent Tommy John surgery in August, so he's still months away from throwing off a mound. Best-case scenario for Gossett: Avoid setbacks and enjoy a normal offseason next winter, then enter camp in 2020 with full health on his side.
Projected Opening Day batting order? I can see Martini/ 1-2 against right-handed pitching.
-- @ben_stewart87

Don't forget about . Right now, I see it going something like this against right-handers: Martini, Chapman, , Davis, , Profar, , Laureano, . Olson and Piscotty are interchangeable, and Laureano could hit ahead of Semien, too.