Where Angels top prospects are starting '21

May 4th, 2021

With the 2021 season getting started, here's a look at where the Angels' Top 30 prospects are projected to start the season:

  1. Brandon Marsh (MLB No. 44), OF -- Extended spring training
  2. Reid Detmers (MLB No. 64), LHP -- Rocket City (Double-A)
  3. Jordyn Adams, OF -- Tri-City (High-A)
  4. Chris Rodriguez, RHP -- Los Angeles (MLB)
  5. Jeremiah Jackson, SS -- Inland Empire (Low-A)
  6. Kyren Paris, SS -- Inland Empire (Low-A)
  7. Jack Kochanowicz, RHP -- Inland Empire (Low-A)
  8. D'Shawn Knowles, OF -- Inland Empire (Low-A)/injured
  9. Arol Vera, SS -- Extended spring training
  10. Hector Yan, LHP -- Tri-City (High-A)
  11. David Calabrese, OF -- Extended spring training
  12. Alexander Ramirez, OF -- Extended spring training
  13. Livan Soto, SS -- Tri-City (High-A)
  14. William Holmes, RHP -- Extended spring training
  15. Oliver Ortega, RHP -- Rocket City (Double-A)
  16. Robinson Pina, RHP -- Tri-City (High-A)
  17. Orlando Martinez, OF -- Rocket City (Double-A)
  18. Denzer Guzman, SS -- Dominican complex
  19. Davis Daniel, RHP -- Tri-City (High-A)
  20. Trent Deveaux, OF -- Extended spring training
  21. Adrian Placencia, SS -- Extended spring training
  22. Packy Naughton, RHP -- Rocket City (Double-A)
  23. Aaron Hernandez, RHP -- Tri-City (High-A)
  24. Erik Rivera, LHP -- Inland Empire (Low-A)
  25. Stiward Aquino, RHP -- Extended spring training
  26. Jose Bonilla, SS -- Inland Empire (Low-A)
  27. Werner Blakely, SS -- Extended spring training
  28. Denny Brady, RHP -- Rocket City (Double-A)
  29. Alejandro Hidalgo, RHP -- Extended spring training
  30. Adam Seminaris, LHP -- Inland Empire (Low-A)

Team to watch

So much of the Angels’ talent is at the lower rungs of the system that hanging out in extended spring training might be the most fun in terms of talent, with Brandon Marsh starting there until he’s 100 percent ready to go (very soon!) and 10 members of the Top 30 there. From there, though, go to Low-A Inland Empire, to watch up-the-middle talent like Jordyn Adams, Jeremiah Jackson and Kyren Paris, three of the system’s top six prospects.

Teams on MiLB.TV

Triple-A Salt Lake
Double-A Rocket City
Low-A Inland Empire

New faces

Denzer Guzman landed on MLB Pipeline’s Top 30 international prospects list at No. 29 heading into the delayed 2020-21 international signing period that opened on Jan. 15 of this year. The Angels loved his pure hit tool enough to give him a $2 million bonus to sign. He starts out as a shortstop, with a strong arm and decent actions, though he could outgrow the position. The good news is he should have the kind of bat that eventually profiles well at third if needed.

On the shelf

Marsh had a labrum issue, dating back from last year, that forced him out of action during big league Spring Training. He’s pretty much good to go now, but is getting a little extra time before he heads to Triple-A Salt Lake. D’Shawn Knowles should be ready to make his full-season debut in a week or so after a very strong Minor League spring training.