Here's where Cardinals Top 30 prospects are starting '22

April 6th, 2022

With the Minor League season opening this week, here's where the Cardinals’ Top 30 prospects are projected to start:

  1. Jordan Walker (MLB No. 30), 3B -- Springfield (Double-A)
  2. Nolan Gorman (MLB No. 33), 2B/3B -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  3. Matthew Liberatore (MLB No. 43), LHP -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  4. Ivan Herrera, C -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  5. Masyn Winn, SS -- Peoria (High-A)
  6. Juan Yepez, 1B/3B/OF -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  7. Joshua Baez, OF -- Extended Spring Training
  8. Michael McGreevy, RHP -- Peoria (High-A)
  9. Zack Thompson, LHP -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  10. Alec Burleson, OF -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  11. Tink Hence, RHP -- Extended Spring Training
  12. Brendan Donovan, INF -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  13. Malcom Nunez, 3B -- Springfield (Double-A)
  14. Angel Rondón, RHP -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  15. Andre Pallante, RHP -- St. Louis (MLB)
  16. Jonathan Mejia, SS -- Extended Spring Training
  17. Luken Baker, 1B -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  18. Alec Willis, RHP -- Extended Spring Training
  19. Ryan Holgate, OF -- Palm Beach (Single-A)
  20. Connor Thomas, LHP -- Memphis (Triple-A)
  21. Austin Love, RHP -- Peoria (High-A)
  22. Ian Bedell, RHP -- Peoria (High-A)
  23. Gordon Graceffo, RHP -- Peoria (High-A)
  24. Jhon Torres, OF -- Peoria (High-A)
  25. Delvin Pérez, SS -- Springfield (Double-A)
  26. Julio E. Rodriguez, C -- Springfield (Double-A)
  27. Connor Lunn, RHP -- Springfield (Double-A)
  28. Edwin Nunez, RHP -- Extended Spring Training
  29. Freddy Pacheco, RHP -- Springfield (Double-A)
  30. Jake Walsh, RHP -- Memphis (Triple-A)

Team to watch
Triple-A Memphis claims 11 of St. Louis’ Top 30 prospects alone. That’s nearly as many as Double-A Springfield (six) and High-A Peoria (six) combined. What makes the group especially interesting is how exactly the 11 will fight for not only places in the Majors but playing time in the International League. The infield is particularly loaded with Gorman, Yepez, Donovan and Baker all on the roster as well as more veteran Minor Leaguers Kramer Robertson, Evan Mendoza and Cory Spangenberg. The club is also deep in promising left-handed pitching prospects with both Liberatore and Thompson returning to the Redbirds after spending all of 2021 with the club.

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Triple-A Memphis
Double-A Springfield
High-A Peoria

New faces
Many from the Cardinals’ 2021 Draft contingent (at least those ranked among the Top 30) are headed to Peoria to begin their first full seasons. McGreevy, Love and Graceffo will play key roles on the Chiefs’ pitching staff, and Graceffo, in particular, might be one to keep an eye on after he showed improved velocity in his first Spring Training. Second-rounder Joshua Baez will open in extended spring training as the Cardinals focus on getting him going in pro ball.