Sox Players Weekend nicknames explained

August 25th, 2017

CHICAGO -- Hometowns, longtime nicknames and treasured friends who are no longer with us will be represented by the White Sox jersey contributions during Players Weekend coming up over the next three days in their home series against the Tigers at Guaranteed Rate Field.

The White Sox will have specially created graphics and show photos of the players from the Little League days as part of the festivities. Public address announcer Gene Honda will be announcing their nicknames all weekend.

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Special videos also will be presented of the players talking about their respective nickname and thank you patches. For example, will talk about 'YoYo' and the tribute paid to Maria Caridad and Manuel, his parents. Infielder also will talk about his father's influence, as his tribute patch.

What you need to know for Players Weekend

: "Mal Tiempo"

The name of the first baseman's hometown area in Cuba.

Tribute patch: Familia -- The strength and reason of his life purpose.

: "B. Moss"

Branden Moss tragically was murdered earlier this year and was like a brother to Anderson. The White Sox shortstop is paying tribute to his friend, with the blessing of his friend's mother. More >>

Tribute patch: Frederick Brown -- Brown is one of the children of Anderson's aunt and uncle, who are also his adopted parents, making him a brother to Anderson.

Chris Beck: "Bubba"

Has been called this by his family for as long as he can remember. The reliever said he's actually called Beck or Chris less than Bubba. It all started with his younger brother calling him Bubba.

Tribute patch: Coach Knight -- Tommy Knight was Beck's high school coach and became sort of like a second father to him.

: "Clarke"

It's the name of his infant daughter. His wife really liked the name, and Superman is one of her favorite comic book characters.

Danny Farquhar: "Fark"

A shortened version of Farquhar's last name.

: "Avi"

The right fielder's nickname and also the first name of his son, who was born Thursday.

Tribute patch: Josman Robles -- Garcia's coach when he started playing baseball in Venezuela. He was a mentor.

: "El Molleto"

The outfielder's nickname, which in Spanish means a muscular man. The center fielder is known for his strength.

: "El Puchi"

His nickname means "the cute one" in Spanish.

: "El Jalisciense"

A tribute to where he was born in Jalisco, Mexico.

Tribute patch: Dad, Mom, Wife -- His family, the foundation of his life and the motivation to push forward.

: "El Chamaquito"

Hanson's nickname translates from Spanish to "The Little Flame."

Tribute patch: Mom -- The person who is influencing him the most in his life.

: "Dutch"

Playing off his last name, it's a nickname he has gone by often. He uses it in his Twitter handle: @Dutch_Oven45.

Tribute patch: Rick & Wendy -- Holland's tribute patch honors his parents.

Gregory Infante: "El Meteorico"

His nickname translates from Spanish to "The Meteor."

Tribute patch: Felipe Lara -- His baseball mentor, a former MLB player from Venezuela who also was his coach.

: Juanito

It's his nickname since he was a little kid.

Yoan Moncada: "Yoyo"

The nickname Moncada prefers based on his first name.

Tribute patch: Maria Caridad y Manuel -- Moncada's mom and dad, the people who have guided him in life and introduced him to baseball.

: "Narvy"

The catcher's nickname, a shortened version of his last name.

Tribute patch: Dad -- The man who influenced him and guide him in life and baseball.

Mike Pelfrey: "Big Pelf"

The veteran pitcher's longtime nickname.

Jake Petricka: "Petey"

The reliever's nickname.

: "Los"

A shortened version of Rodon's first name, Carlos.

Tribute patch: Dad -- The man who got him started in baseball.

Tyler Saladino: "Saly"

The infielder's nickname, a shortened version of his last name.

Tribute patch: Dad -- The man who has been a great influence on Saladino's baseball career and his life.

: "El del Pinonal"

Translates to "The one from Pinonal" in Spanish. It's a tribute to the area Sanchez is from: Maracay, Venezuela.

Tribute patch: Mom, Dad, Son, Wife -- Sanchez's family, his life´s motivation.

: "Juego G"

Short for Juego Grande in Spanish, meaning Big Game. Shields has held that nickname for much of his career.

Tribute patch: Mom, Dad, Ryane & Kids -- A thanks from Shields to his parents, wife and two daughters.

: "Szmydth"

The catcher's last name was spelled in this manner when his grandparents came over from Poland.

Tribute patch: Dad -- A no-brainer for Smith, who credits his dad for supporting him since he started playing at 6 years old.