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World Series Game 5: Alex Bregman postgame interview

October 30, 2017

Q. You're known as a guy who enjoys big moments - high school, college, Futures Game, you've always performed. Just what was your mindset going up to bat in this big situation? ALEX BREGMAN: Springer had a huge at-bat and walked right before me. And I took one more swing

Q. You're known as a guy who enjoys big moments - high school, college, Futures Game, you've always performed. Just what was your mindset going up to bat in this big situation?
ALEX BREGMAN: Springer had a huge at-bat and walked right before me. And I took one more swing on the on-deck circle, and I looked to Correa. Correa said, "It's your time." And then I thought, what's your approach going to be? And I said, and I saw him last night and he threw me a slider and was fortunate enough to put a good swing on it, and hit it out of the yard. And I basically eliminated the slider, and I said, I need to get a pitch that I can stay on top of, because he's a guy that throws high cutters, and a guy that gets a lot of fly-ball outs. So I was looking for something down in the zone that I could stay on top of it. And Skip pinch-ran for McCann, put Fisher in. As soon as I left the bat, I knew Fisher would score. He's probably the fastest guy in baseball.
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Q. We were talking to Springer and he said he could tell by your body language that you wanted the game to end, and you were going to be the one to do it. What is it with your confidence where not only that you know that you can do things like this, but your whole team knows you can do this?
ALEX BREGMAN: Our front office and ownership in the beginning of the year signed Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and Josh Reddick. And since we signed them, they brought a confidence to this team that we didn't have last year. And they instilled a work ethic and a confidence that we know that we're never out of the game, that we're going to keep fighting. And I think this World Series has been an example of our team whole season. We're going to put together good at-bats. We're going to fight until the end. And now look at us, we're one win away from being World Series champions.
Q. Why is it that you were so fearless? What is it about you?
ALEX BREGMAN: I don't know. I think it's just due to the preparation I put in in the offseason and Spring Training, and knowing that I have such good teammates around me, that I just need to do my part and pull my end of the rope. When you have a guy like Jose Altuve hitting behind you right there, I'm pretty sure Jansen would rather face me than him. So I was just trying to get a good pitch to hit.

Q. What did it feel like to get this win after five hours when this crowd stayed here the whole time, to be able to do this at home, the last time you're going to play here this season?
ALEX BREGMAN: Yeah, it was special. It meant a lot to us. Before the game I know that everybody knew that this was our last home game of the year. And that the people of Houston have been here with us the entire season and they've stood strong through some tough times. And we were going to figure out a way to win this game for them. You saw that we go down 4-0 early, but we were still smiling and having a good time, because we were going to play our game. If we were going to lose today, we were going to play our game. We were going to fight to the end. And I think that one thing that has helped this team is going down 3-2 to the Yankees, because when we got back home, as soon as we got off the plane, I think our team really decided that we're going to play to win -- and play to win, and not play not to lose. And ever since then we've been playing to win every single pitch and it's been fun. It's been a fun journey, to be honest with you, we've got Justin Verlander going for us in two days. I know everybody's ready to go.

Q. I understand that your guys' lineup is balanced 1 through 9, but the top four hitters in the middle of this game basically it was endless getting on base. Could you describe what that was like feeding off each other?
ALEX BREGMAN: Yeah, first off, Springer, he starts off the series by going 0-4, four strikeouts. And then gets back up and kills it. Hits a game-winning homer for us. Then today we have a tied game, and he lays out in centerfield and misses a ball, being aggressive for it. And something about him that when he gets knocked down, he gets back up. Because the first pitch of the next inning he hit out of the yard and it got us going. Altuve, what can you say about that guy? He's got to be the MVP this year. We're down 7-4 and Springer and I walk. Altuve is up. They bring in Maeda, I don't know if it was an eight- or nine-pitch at-bat and I don't know how he hits a ball that far. He's 5'6" and he hits the ball to centerfield. I'm impressed every single day being around him. And Correa, he's a superstar. He's unbelievable. Big-time two-run homer to left field. He loves the moment. And he's going to be an absolute stud in this game for however long he wants to play.
Q. Players talk all the time about wanting to win the World Series, wanting to get a big hit in the World Series. When that ball actually finds grass and people start mobbing and all that stuff, what is the base emotion that you feel?
ALEX BREGMAN: I don't know. Just pure joy. Because when you look around you and you see the smiles on your teammates' face, it makes everything worth it. It makes every weight that you lifted in the offseason, every swing that you took in the cage. When you feel like you came through for your team, and you see the joy on their faces, there's nothing like it. It's such a special feeling that I'm so fortunate and blessed to feel today. It's an unbelievable moment. Like you said, you dream about it as a little kid. To be living a dream, one win away from the World Series, is really special.

Q. It's been like 40 minutes or so, can you maybe take a step back and give us an idea of the emotions of this game, this spectacular comebacks that you loved, the spectacular comebacks that you hated. The emotions, the ups and downs for both teams in this game, and maybe the exhaustion you feel now after it's all over.
ALEX BREGMAN: Yeah, I'd say everybody is pretty tired now, but we won't be that tired when we show up in LA. I'll say this, I thought Game 2 was probably the best baseball game I ever played in. It was unbelievable, the huge homer and all the home runs that were hit. I didn't think that would ever be topped, I thought that would be the best game I ever played in my career. Who knows where this one ranks, right up there with that game. Back and forth, the two best teams in baseball fighting to the very end and going toe to toe with each other. Everybody was used on both teams, pretty much, every single player. It was special for us to come out on top.

Q. You talked about kind of that indomitable spirit of the team. How much of that is something that A.J. Hinch, the manager, has instilled and set the tone for you guys?
ALEX BREGMAN: He's done a tremendous job. A.J. believes in us. I remember when I first got called up, I went 1-for-30-something and he said, "Hey, I believe in you. I'm moving you up in the lineup to the two-hole." And that right there kind of made me feel like I belonged in the Big Leagues. And he does it countless times throughout the season with everybody in our lineup. His unwavering confidence in us really sets the tone for our team. And his belief in his players makes his players want to run through a wall for him.

Q. When you were dreaming about being in the World Series, who were you pretending to be? Who was your idol?
ALEX BREGMAN: I was pretending to be Derek Jeter. I always grew up loving him. One of the reasons I wear No. 2 is because of him. Yeah, he was ultimate team guy. He was a winner. And just a good guy for a kid to look up to. And I always pretended to be Jeter.