D-backs win inaugural Hard Goods Club "Retailer of the Year"

Colorado Rockies named 2017 MLB "Club Retailer of the Year".

November 17th, 2017

The Colorado Rockies have been named the 2017 Major League Baseball Club Retailer of the Year for their commitment to generating merchandise sales through creative marketing and merchandising efforts. Additionally, the consumer products division of MLB added a new award to recognize the Club that most excelled in sales and marketing of specific non-apparel product lines, naming the Arizona Diamondbacks the inaugural Hard Goods Club Retailer of the Year.

Since its inception in 2005, the Club Retailer of the Year Award has been awarded based on a combination of fan interest, vendor feedback, sales, creative marketing and exceptional merchandising efforts. The Rockies this year played in the National League Wild Card Game for the fourth time in their 25-season history, reaching the Postseason for the first time since 2009. This helped lead Colorado's retail team to strengthened performance in their Dugout Stores and shops at Coors Field. The Rockies even created a unique gift-with-purchase program with league licensee That's My Ticket which increased in-store foot traffic and sales. The team also organized a multi-media marketing campaign around their retail experience which included social media, digital video and ballpark signage. These efforts collectively led to increased interest and sales for the merchandise department.

While apparel is traditionally the largest seller for Clubs, some teams go above and beyond to make hard goods available to fans in their ballparks. To recognize those additional efforts and the unique retail marketing behind hard goods merchandising, MLB created the new Hard Goods Club Retailer of the Year award.

In 2017, the D-backs identified a variety of non-traditional hard goods products to help keep up with the excitement and interest experienced in their shops last season. These included items such as infinity scarves and children's lunch bags. This strategy, combined with an on-field resurgence that led to a Wild Card victory and NLDS berth, made for a successful season in all the D-backs' retail locations.

"The Rockies and D-backs each put together exciting seasons on the field culminating in Postseason appearances, while also succeeding in their retail operations with new and unique business approaches," said Steve Armus, MLB Senior Vice President, Consumer Products. "Both Clubs made great use of their assets as well as the league support system. Congratulations to the Rockies and D-backs for a great season."

Previous recipients of the Club Retailer of the Year award have included the Cleveland Indians (2016), New York Mets (2015 & 2006), Seattle Mariners (2014 & 2005), Los Angeles Dodgers (2013), New York Yankees (2012), Detroit Tigers (2011), Cincinnati Reds (2010), Milwaukee Brewers (2008) and Philadelphia Phillies (2007). The award was not given in 2009.