Reds statement

June 3rd, 2020

The Reds share in the pain and anger felt by our nation at the horrific and senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. We offer our condolences to their families whose personal losses must not be overlooked as we collectively grieve our society’s shortfall.

These blatant acts of racism not only demand our outrage, they necessitate that we address the fear and frustration felt by the members of our black community.

We echo Major League Baseball’s statement (@MLB) in saying: our game has a zero tolerance for racism and racial injustice. Addressing this issue requires action both within our sport and society.

There is work to be done. The Reds open ourselves outward, offering our platform and leadership to help elevate these necessary conversations around racial equality. And, we focus inward as we hear from members of our own organization.


The value and respect for my life as a human being has to extend beyond my uniform. The saying is true, “I am more than (an) athlete,” I am more than an object, I am more than a number…I am a Man who is a Black man living in America and with this reality, comes a host of experiences. Wanting to be associated with me for my connections, fame, and notoriety cannot outweigh the appreciation, love, value and understanding of me as a human being. I experience racial profiling every day. Whether it’s in my car, when I walk into a room to discuss business or simply eating at a restaurant. I want to encourage people to think about if you have contributed to making someone feel less than, or not belonged. EVERYONE brings something to the table, everyone has value and everyone has something they can bring to make your corporation, organization or group better. The importance of inclusion speaks to me and should speak to you as well. I have always led my life through inclusion and respect for all and I will continue to do so!

The Reds are committed to bringing positive change, greater equality and inclusiveness throughout all of our communities.