Tampa Bay Rays collaborate with NormaTec on world-class athlete recovery room

The Tampa Bay Rays have completed construction of a Recovery Room Powered by NormaTec.

September 17th, 2018

The Tampa Bay Rays have completed construction of a Recovery Room Powered by NormaTec. Located under the dome at Tropicana Field, this cutting-edge space is devoted to athlete recovery for their players, and features NormaTec's PULSE PRO Recovery Systems. In addition to the recovery room, the Rays have also invested in additional NormaTec Recovery Systems to utilize during travel. The team has also released this video with an inside look at the new facility.  


"The partnership with NormaTec has not only benefited our major league team, but also throughout the entire organization," said Joe Benge, Head Athletic Trainer of the Tampa Bay Rays. "Our goals are to keep players injury free and performing at their best year-round; the partnership with NormaTec helps us towards achieving those objectives." 


NormaTec utilizes patented technology to increase circulation and help athletes with both rehab and recovery. The dynamic NormaTec compression massage mobilizes fluid, and reduces pain and soreness, allowing athletes to recover quickly and better manage intense training and competition schedules. NormaTec's technology is currently relied on by 97% of pro teams, Olympic and elite athletes, and the sports medicine professionals who treat them.   


"It is an incredible honor to work with the Tampa Bay Rays Major League Baseball team on this initiative," said Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec. "We are excited about how well their new recovery room came together, and have already heard great things from the players and their athletic training team about their use of the NormaTec Recovery Systems."  


The move to create a NormaTec Recovery Room for their players puts the Tampa Bay Rays among several other pro teams who have now added official recovery rooms powered by NormaTec. The Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Ravens, Florida Panthers, LA Lakers, Las Vegas Golden Knights, and Kansas City Chiefs are just a few of the other organizations who have recently completed construction on NormaTec Recovery Rooms.