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Expansion & Rule 5 Draft Picks

1997 Expansion Draft

Date: November 18, 1997
Site: Phoenix, Arizona

*Traded to Philadelphia in exchange for shortstop Kevin Stocker
**Traded to Cincinnati in exchange for outfielder Mike Kelly
***Traded to San Diego in exchange for catcher John Flaherty; resigned as a free agent November 15, 2000
****Traded to San Diego in exchange for catcher John Flaherty

Major League Rule 5 Draft

The Major League Rule V Draft occurs at baseball's annual winter meetings in December. Players eligible for the draft must meet the following two requirements: (1) at least three years of professional service and (2) not protected on a 40-man roster. The selecting team must pay $50,000 to the player's original club. If a selected player does not make the team's Opening Day roster, he must be offered back to the original club for $25,000.

*Acquired from Kansas City for cash            
**Acquired from Anaheim for a player to be named later or cash