Mobile Ticket Entry: Your Phone is Your Ticket

How to Access Your Mobile Tickets


All tickets will be mobile throughout the season. This will provide contactless entry into the ballpark.

Please make sure you download and transfer to each member of your party his/her individual ticket via your smartphone, prior to arriving at the ballpark.

  • Mobile tickets should be downloaded and the barcode should be displayed on your smartphone before proceeding through the security screenings.
  • Transfer mobile tickets to each member of your party prior to arrival.

Access via MLB Ballpark App

MLB Ballpark App - Easy, Fast & Secure

Managing your tickets has never been easier. With the MLB Ballpark app, you can access and forward your seats in seconds. Plus, use the MLB Ballpark app for mobile ordering options!

The below actions must take place on your smartphone.

  • Download the MLB Ballpark app via the App Store or Google Play
  • Create an Login using same email address used for your White Sox Account Manager
  • Set up the app for the White Sox by following the prompts
  • Link your account:
  • Select Tickets Tab
  • Select Go to your MLB Account
  • Enter the email addressed used to purchase your White Sox tickets
  • Verify email
  • You'll receive an email from
  • Select the link to verify and you’re ready to play ball!

Already have the app?

On game day, your Home Tab will display your game tickets, providing you with easy access to view and scan for mobile entry.

  • Zones are listed under the Access portion of the ticket, located below seating sections.
  • Parking will be listed under Access 2 portion of the ticket.
  • To view the gate of entry, tap Info Icon (…) to view Access 2 for Gate Entry information.

Access via Account Manager

For tickets purchased on

The below actions must take place on your smartphone.

  • Your confirmation email will contain a link to view your tickets from your smartphone's browser, which can be scanned for entry.
  • Using your smartphone, click on the "View Mobile Ticket" link in your confirmation email.
  • Log in to your White Sox Account Manager.
  • Click on the game you are attending under "My Events".
  • Click on your ticket to be scanned for entry, or click the checkbox on the ticket(s) you wish to transfer to other members of your party attending the game.
  • Zones are listed on the top of the ticket and underneath your seating location. Once your ticket is added to your mobile wallet, your zone is underneath the QR code of your ticket. Zones are also color coded accordingly.
  • To view the gate of entry, tap Info Icon (…) to view Entry Info for Gate information.

We encourage you to then tap on "Save to Phone", "Add to Apple Wallet", "Save to Google Pay", "Save to Passbook", whatever language your device uses, to save the ticket in your smartphone's wallet for later use and easy access when you arrive at the ballpark.


Why can't I print my tickets at home anymore?
All tickets will be digital throughout the season.

Why are the White Sox making this transition?
Digital tickets will provide contactless entry into the ballpark.

I don't have a smartphone or tablet. How am I going to get into the game?
Please contact your White Sox Sales and Service Representative or email [email protected].

What if I don't have Internet connectivity at the gate?
It's always best to avoid potential connectivity problems by accessing and downloading your mobile tickets before you get to the ballpark and then saving them in Apple Wallet, Google Pay, Passbook or whatever your smartphone offers. You can also manage them in the Ballpark app. That way you can avoid any day-of-game technical glitches that could happen at the gate. The White Sox recommend relying upon your data plan when accessing tickets on site, but again, encourage you to access, download and save tickets to your smartphone from home.

Can I still get a printed ticket if I buy it at the ballpark box office?
No, if you buy your single game tickets at the ballpark ticket windows, the box office will forward your tickets via text.

What about season tickets?
All tickets will be digital throughout the season. This will provide contactless entry into the ballpark.

Will fans still be able to forward their tickets to guests with PDF/print-at-home?
Ticket purchasers will no longer be able to forward tickets as PDFs.

How do I share mobile tickets with the other people who are meeting me at the game?
Fans can visit the MLB Ballpark app page to link their mobile tickets to the MLB Ballpark app in a few simple steps. From the app it's easy to forward tickets via text, email or social media. Fans can also use their Ticketmaster account, or for Season Ticket Holders, through White Sox Account Manager.

How do I get the MLB Ballpark app or a Ticketmaster account?
The MLB Ballpark app is available for free download wherever you get apps on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the app and input a few simple preferences, you are ready to pair the app with your Ticketmaster account, which you were required to create in order to purchase your tickets online. Once your accounts are paired, you can access and manage your tickets through the MLB Ballpark app.

I forwarded mobile tickets to a friend who can't make it to the game. Can I cancel the transaction and send them to someone else?
You can cancel the forward as long as the recipient has not accepted the tickets or as long as the game has not started. If the recipient has already accepted the tickets, he/she must forward them to you. Once you have accepted the tickets, you are free to forward them along to someone else.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone for one game?
We encourage you to transfer a ticket(s) to each person in your party. Yes, you can have multiple tickets on your smartphone; however, all fans must then enter at the same time and be in line together. You will be able to swipe right through all of the tickets you have for that game.

What if my entire party/group is not with me when I enter the stadium?
Every fan needs to present a ticket upon entry. There are multiple ways to transfer a ticket. From the MLB Ballpark app, fans can forward tickets via text, email or social media. Fans can also use their Ticketmaster account or for season ticket holders, their White Sox Account Manager.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket to enter the stadium?
No. Screenshots of tickets or any ticket produced by an unauthorized source will not be accepted.

Can I print my parking pass at home?
No. Each vehicle will need to present a mobile parking pass to be scanned at the lot entrance or a specific coupon from the White Sox. You can also pay credit card upon arrival at the lots so long as there is availability.

What happens if my mobile ticket does not scan properly?
We suggest setting your phone screen to the highest brightness possible before you get in line to enter. The White Sox will provide assistance should you have difficulty scanning.

With all the stories in the news about hacking and cyber security, how can I be sure that my mobile tickets really are secure from fraud?
At every game we hear from fans who bought tickets from third-parties, whether from a broker, a random person on a website or a person on the street outside the ballpark, who get turned away at the gate because their tickets are not valid. It's easy to print multiple copies of the same ticket, or pass off a printed ticket with a deactivated bar code as legitimate. Unfortunately, there is little or no recourse when you buy a fraudulent ticket from a third party. On the other hand, when you purchase mobile tickets from the White Sox or Ticketmaster, you are guaranteed to be receiving a valid ticket.