Get ahead in your league with Fantasy411's Cheat Sheet

March 24th, 2019

Whether you prepped a lot or a little during the offseason, and whether you draft with stacks of papers by your side or nothing at all,'s fantasy baseball cheat sheet can make your life easier and allow you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Make sure to have this one-stop information shop on hand during your auction or snake drafts, as it can help you stay organized, especially during the most hectic of draft moments.

The cheat sheet covers the following bases:

Positional ranks and auction values: The primer's premier feature,'s position-by-position ranks will help you make snap calls when you have 10 seconds left to pick in your draft.

For those in auction formats, dollar values are listed, too. But even if you're playing in a snake format, the prices listed can help highlight the precise worth of each player in relation to his peers.

For instance, top-ranked second baseman is priced $8 ahead of the second man on the keystone list, , and No. 1 starting pitcher is $7 ahead of , the No. 2 ranked starter. The top two third basemen -- Jose Ramirez ($47) and ($46) -- are valued more closely, meanwhile.

Top fantasy prospects: Courtesy of MLB Pipeline, this list highlights the stars of tomorrow with the best chances of making a fantasy contribution in 2019.

Sleepers: A staple of fantasy-draft season, this list is comprised of valuable players who are flying under the radar. Buy low and enjoy their surprising production all year.

Breakouts: Find out which mid-round picks could could exceed expectations and reach fantasy stardom this season.