Pujols gives young fan jersey off his back

June 21st, 2019

Millions of fans would love to have an autographed Albert Pujols jersey, but the thought of getting a game-used Angels top straight off the back of the Hall of Famer himself seems almost too good to be true.

Well, Pujols certainly isn't your average big leaguer -- either on or off the field. In fact, he's long made a habit out of fulfilling the dreams of young fans, particularly those with special needs.

On Tuesday night at Rogers Centre, Pujols added yet another chapter to his heartwarming legacy. After the Halos upended the Blue Jays for a second straight game, Pujols came over to a young fan in the stands who was wearing a replica Pujols jersey -- one he hoped the legendary slugger would sign.

Pujols went even a step further, taking off the red top he'd just worn in the game, signing it and giving it to the young fan, and then posing for pictures.

It was another wonderful moment by the kindhearted slugger, and one the young fan's family is sure will be remembered for a lifetime.