A-Breg's next big hit: 'Breggy Bomb Salsa'

May 8th, 2021

HOUSTON -- If the early reviews are any indication, ’s next big hit will be coming to local grocery stores soon.

In the coming days, Bregman is set to launch “Breggy Bomb Salsa,” which he said Saturday has been in the works for two years and blends the tastes he loved growing up in New Mexico. It’s a partnership with Sadie’s restaurant in Albuquerque, N.M., which was Bregman’s favorite restaurant growing up.

“We teamed up with them and over the last two years we worked on our own kind of salsa combination, and it has like a little bit of tequila and lime flavoring in it,” Bregman said. “It’s not the spiciest salsa that they have, but we are going to come out with a spicier version of it, hopefully in the future. For right now, it’s a mild, great-tasting salsa. It’s not too watery or too chunky. It’s got the perfect consistency. It really does. It’s awesome.”

Bregman passed a jar around the clubhouse at Minute Maid Park for his teammates to enjoy on Friday and the reviews “have been awesome,” he said. Astros catcher Jason Castro was skeptical of a player-branded item, but he told Bregman it was “amazing.”

“I want to say 95 percent of the team tried it yesterday and loved it,” Bregman said. “I didn’t get a single negative review and a lot of people got hits yesterday, so maybe there’s some good luck there. We’ll keep the salsa flowing and hopefully keep the wins going. It will be available here to the public in the next few days.”

The salsa is available to order at https://breggybomb.com/ and will be in Houston-area Kroger and H-E-B grocery stores soon, Bregman said.