Here are the rosters for the 2023 Fall Stars Game

November 5th, 2023

The stars of tomorrow get their turn to shine under the bright (sun) light of the Arizona desert.

The rosters for the 17th annual Fall Stars Game were announced on Friday, bringing together 50 of baseball’s top young players on one field. The game will take place tonight at 8 ET from Sloan Park in Mesa, Ariz., and will air live on MLB Network and stream live on, with Gregg Caserta, Rubén Amaro Jr. and Jonathan Mayo on the call.

Overall, nine of MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects were voted in by AFL staff, farm directors and writers, but unlike 2022, this year’s Top 100 participants skew heavily toward the American League.


Colson Montgomery (No. 17)
Carson Williams (No. 19)
*Ricky Tiedemann (No. 31)
*Jackson Jobe (No. 54)
Kyle Manzardo (No. 58)
Jace Jung (No. 67)
Chase DeLauter (No. 85)


Kevin Alcántara (No. 71)
Kevin Parada (No. 89)

*Voted in but won’t participate

There have been a number of exciting Fall Star Games throughout the years, and 2022 was no exception. Led by Cubs slugger and the game’s MVP Matt Mervis -- who hit the only homer of the game -- the National League cruised to a 9-3 victory

Jordan Walker, Heston Kjerstad, Lawrence Butler, Masyn Winn and Mervis were among last year’s group that reached the Majors in 2023. They join an impressive cast of former prospects who have left their mark in Fall League lore, including All-Stars Mike Trout, Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer.

What to expect this year?

In keeping with recent tradition, fans had their say in selecting two players, one from the AL and one from the NL, in the Final 2 Vote. This year’s winners are Max Muncy (A’s) in the American League and Nasim Nuñez (Marlins) in the National League.

Surprise Saguaros manager Carlos Cardoza of the Rangers organization and Scottsdale Scorpions skipper Marty Malloy of the Philadelphia Phillies organization, along with their respective coaching staffs, will manage the game since their AFL teams had the best record in their league at the time of selection.

In addition to the game, the league will host its Home Run Derby at 9:30 p.m. ET on Saturday at Sloan Park. The event will feature eight of the AFL’s premier sluggers. Kevin Alcántara (Cubs), Wes Clarke (Brewers), Ivan Melendez (D-backs) and Gabriel Rincones Jr. (Phillies) will represent the National League. Kyle Manzardo (Guardians), Damiano Palmegiani (Blue Jays), Kala’i Rosario (Twins) and Aaron Sabato (Twins) will swing away for the American League.

Here are the full rosters for tonight's Fall Stars Game:


*Davis Daniel, RHP, Angels (unranked)
Max Muncy, SS, Athletics (No. 7)
*Royber Salinas, RHP, Athletics (No. 24)
A.J. Blubaugh, RHP, Astros (unranked)
*Ricky Tiedemann, LHP, Blue Jays (No. 1/MLB No. 31)
Damiano Palmegiani, 3B/1B, Blue Jays (No. 18)
Dasan Brown, OF, Blue Jays (No. 29)
Will Robertson, OF, Blue Jays (unranked)
CJ Van Eyk, RHP, Blue Jays (unranked)
Kyle Manzardo, 1B, Guardians (No. 2/MLB No. 58)
Chase DeLauter, OF, Guardians (No. 4/MLB No. 85)
Ryan Webb, LHP, Guardians (unranked)
Tyler Locklear, 3B/1B, Mariners (No. 11)
Ryan Bliss SS/2B, Mariners (No. 14)
Troy Taylor, RHP, Mariners (unranked)
*Carter Baumler, RHP, Orioles (No. 22)
Trey McGough, LHP, Orioles (unranked)
Emiliano Teodo, RHP, Rangers (No. 22)
Liam Hicks, C, Rangers (unranked)
Anthony Hoopii-Tuionetoa, RHP, Rangers (unranked)
Carson Williams, SS, Rays (No. 2/MLB No. 19)
Dominic Keegan, C, Rays (No. 9)
Logan Workman, RHP, Rays (unranked)
Corey Rosier, OF, Red Sox (unranked)
Zach Penrod, LHP, Red Sox (unranked)
Peyton Wilson, 2B/OF, Royals (No. 26)
*Wilmer Flores, RHP, Tigers (No. 7)
*Jackson Jobe, RHP, Tigers (No. 3/MLB No. 54)
Jace Jung, 2B, Tigers (No. 4/MLB No. 67)
Kala’i Rosario, OF, Twins (No. 19)
Colson Montgomery, SS, White Sox (No. 1/MLB No. 17)
Jake Eder, LHP, White Sox (No. 5)
Jordan Leasure, RHP, White Sox (No. 18)
Caleb Durbin, SS, Yankees (unranked)


Keshawn Ogans, SS, Braves (unranked)
Eric Brown Jr., SS, Brewers (No. 10)
Wes Clarke, 1B, Brewers (unranked)
Victor Scott II, OF, Cardinals (No. 4)
Tekoah Roby, RHP, Cardinals (No. 5)
Cooper Hjerpe, LHP, Cardinals (No. 7)
Kevin Alcántara, OF, Cubs (No. 4/MLB No. 71)
James Triantos, 2B, Cubs (No. 9)
Ivan Melendez, 3B/1B, D-backs (No. 8)
Ronan Kopp, LHP, Dodgers (No. 16)
Kendall Williams, RHP, Dodgers (unranked)
*Carter Howell, OF, Giants (unranked)
Jacob Berry, 3B/1B, Marlins (No. 4)
Nasim Nuñez, SS/2B, Marlins (No. 17)
Ike Buxton, RHP, Marlins (unranked)
Kevin Parada, C, Mets (No. 5/MLB No. 89)
J.T. Schwartz, 1B, Mets (unranked)
DJ Herz, LHP, Nationals (No. 16)
Jakob Marsee, OF, Padres (No. 12)
Braden Nett, RHP, Padres (unranked)
Gabriel Rincones Jr., OF, Phillies (No. 9)
*Christian McGowan, RHP, Phillies (No. 14)
Oliver Dunn, 2B, Phillies (unranked)
Andrew Baker, RHP, Phillies (unranked)
Jase Bowen, OF, Pirates (No. 27)
Andrew Moore, RHP, Reds (unranked)
Michael Trautwein, C, Reds (unranked)
Sterlin Thompson, 3B/OF, Rockies (No. 6)
Benny Montgomery, OF, Rockies (No. 8)
Juan Mejia, RHP, Rockies (unranked)

*Voted in but won’t participate