A's 2022 Draft signings tracker

July 31st, 2022

Below is a list of every player drafted by the Athletics.

Each club has until 5 p.m. ET, 2 p.m. PT on Monday, Aug. 1, to come to terms with its Draft selections. If a player has exhausted his collegiate eligibility, he can sign at any time up until one week prior to the next year’s Draft.

Draft-and-follow picks -- high school and junior college players selected after the 10th round who attend a two-year college after the Draft -- can sign with their selecting teams for up to $250,000 up until a week prior to the following year’s Draft.

Total bonus pool: $8,320,200
MLB rank: 17


1 (19): Daniel Susac, C, Arizona (Pick value: $3,531,200)
Susac signed for $3,531,200, which is full slot value for the No. 19 pick. | Full story >>

2 (56): Henry Bolte, OF, Palo Alto HS (Calif.), $2 million
Bolte, who was committed to the University of Texas, signed a bonus above the slot value of $1,341,900. | Full story >>

CB-B (69): Clark Elliott, OF, Michigan -- $900,000 (Pick value: $977,500)
Elliott signed with the A’s for $900,000, a source told MLB.com. Elliott, MLB Pipeline’s No. 64 overall prospect, hit .304 in three years at Michigan, with 21 home runs, 98 RBIs and 31 stolen bases. He also won the batting title in the Cape Cod League in 2021, hitting an impressive .344.

3 (95): Colby Thomas, OF, Mercer (Pick value: $642,100)
Thomas signed with the A’s for $750,000, a source told MLB.com. Thomas, MLB Pipeline’s No. 95 overall prospect, was originally drafted in 2019 out of Valdosta (Ga.) High School in the 37th round by the Orioles. But the outfielder decided to attend Mercer, where he hit .325 with an OPS of 1.184 in his senior season.

4 (124): Jacob Watters, RHP, West Virginia (Pick value: $483,500)
Watters agreed to terms with the A’s for $491,750, a source told MLB.com. Watters, MLB Pipeline’s No. 154 overall prospect, has a big arm, with his fastball sitting at 96 mph as a starter and hitting triple digits out of the bullpen. In three years at West Virginia, the right-hander appeared more as a reliever than a starter, and had a 5.27 ERA.

5 (154): Jack Perkins, RHP, Indiana (Pick value: $361,000)
Perkins signed with the A’s for $270,750, a source told MLB.com. The right-hander finished his final season at Indiana with a 5.10 ERA across 83 innings and struck out 9.9 batters per nine innings.

6 (184): Brennan Milone, 3B, Oregon (Pick value: $277,300)
Has not agreed to terms

7 (214): Yeniel Laboy, 3B, Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (PR) (Pick value: $217,200)
Has not agreed to terms

8 (244): Micah Dallas, RHP, Texas A&M (Pick value: $177,100)
Has not agreed to terms

9 (274): Caeden Trenkle OF, Oklahoma State (Pick value: $160,100)
Has not agreed to terms

10 (304): Brock Rodden, 2B,Wichita State (Pick value: $151,300)
Has not agreed to terms

11 (334): Christian Oppor, LHP, Columbus HS (WI)
Has not agreed to terms

12 (364): T.J. Czyz, RHP, Cosumnes River College
Has not agreed terms

13 (394): Jake Pfennigs, RHP, Oregon State
Has not agreed to terms

14 (424): Jamaliel Rosado Jr., SS, Leadership Christian Academy (PR)
Has not agreed to terms

15 (454): Mark Adamiak, RHP, Arkansas
Has not agreed to terms

16 (484): Blaze Pontes, RHP, Hawaii
Has not agreed to terms

17 (514): Jake Garland, RHP, Miami
Has not agreed to terms

18 (544): Vince Reilly, RHP, Grand Canyon University
Has not agreed to terms

19 (574): Tommy Stevenson, 1B, Missouri Southern St Col
Has not agreed to terms

20 (604): Derek True, RHP, Cal Poly
Has not agreed to terms

How bonus pools and pick values work

Each choice in the first 10 rounds comes with an assigned value, with the total for a club's selections equaling what it can spend in those rounds without incurring a penalty. If a player taken in the top 10 rounds doesn't sign, his pick's value gets subtracted from his team's pool. Clubs near the top of the Draft often spend less than the assigned value for those choices and use the savings to offer more money to later selections.

Teams that exceed their bonus pool face a penalty. Clubs that outspend their allotment by 0-5 percent pay a 75 percent tax on the overage. At higher thresholds, clubs lose future picks: a first-rounder and a 75 percent tax for surpassing their pool by more than 5 and up to 10 percent; a first- and a second-rounder and a 100 percent tax for more than 10 and up to 15 percent; and two first-rounders and a 100 percent tax for more than 15 percent.

Bonus pools by club:
Orioles: $16,933,000
D-backs: $15,120,200
Mets: $13,963,000
Pirates: $13,741,300
Rockies: $13,667,800
Nationals: $11,013,900
Reds: $10,799,700
Marlins: $10,491,700
Braves: $10,229,600
Cubs: $10,098,100
Padres: $10,094,200
Twins: $10,041,500
Guardians: $9,986,200
Rangers: $9,646,000
Royals: $9,471,200
Blue Jays: $8,372,100
Athletics: $8,320,200
Red Sox: $8,082,600
Tigers: $8,029,300
Rays: $7,799,200
Mariners: $7,258,200
Brewers: $7,074,700
Angels: $7,028,100
Cardinals: $6,845,900
Astros: $6,840,600
Yankees: $6,428,600
Phillies: $6,310,400
White Sox: $6,292,500
Giants: $5,796,400
Dodgers: $4,223,800