Beat the Streak and win $5.6 million in 2019's flagship fantasy game is back for its 19th season

March 27th, 2019

Beat the Streak presented by MGM is back for its 19th season, and you can take home $5.6 million and achieve legendary status by topping Joe DiMaggio’s hallowed 56-game hitting streak from 1941.

Passing DiMaggio has been a tall task for MLB players and Beat the Streak participants alike. Over the first 18 seasons of BTS, many have come close, including the all-time leader, Robert Mosley, who reached 51 in 2017. In BTS history, there have been 80 streaks of 40 or more. But no one has notched 57 successful picks in a row.

It’s a new year, however, and Beat the Streak has a number of features to help you reach the top of the mountain.

For those who are new to BTS or need a refresher, the rules of's flagship fantasy game are simple, even if the challenge is not: Correctly pick a batter or two each day to tally a hit in a game. Then do it again and again, and don't stop until 57 consecutive successful selections are made.

You don’t have to make a pick every day, of course. You can take as many days off as you’d like and be choosy with your picks. Just tally 57 in a row by the end of the regular season, and you win $5.6 million.

The “Double Down" feature allows participants to select two players in a single day. If both batters record at least one hit, your run advances by two games. But if one batter goes hitless, the streak ends -- even if the other selection records a hit.

Getting a pick wrong doesn’t necessarily mean your streak is over. With the “Mulligan” feature, BTS players can save a streak after an incorrect pick -- as long as your streak is between 10 and 15 games.

BTS also has plenty of research filters -- such as batting-order position, splits vs. right- or left-handed pitchers and cold opposing hurlers -- to help in the decision-making process.

Should no one break DiMaggio's mark, a $10,000 consolation prize will be given to the player with the highest streak this season. Jimmy Dixon claimed the prize last season, with a streak of 45. Additionally, the BTS game-makers hand out millions of other prizes for streaks as small as five.

Start your road to $5.6 million as soon as March 20-21, when the A's play the Mariners in MLB's Opening Series in Tokyo.