Bo Bichette is now a viral meme

Set your phasers on "pun"

July 22nd, 2020

With his flowing locks, effortless play and boy band good looks, Blue Jays infielder Bo Bichette was already a viral sensation. The hot start to his big league career, his home runs, his horse-shampoo'd hair -- all were seemingly designed in a laboratory to excite people and make them share reaction GIFs. (He knows it, too. Or did you think his handle @BoFlows was just an accident?)

But now, Bichette has literally become a meme. And it's all thanks to one fan: Jordan Cicchelli, who in our baseball-starved minds, gave us the horrible puns we never knew we needed.

All of a sudden, Bichette became a trending topic on Twitter as thousands of fans knew just how to spend a night in quarantine: Rhyming.

One fan became all philosophical: What is a Bichette without a Bo?

Should Bichette ever get into the pizza delivery business, his name is all ready to go:

How should you order a tea with tapioca balls? Here is your answer:

Should Bichette take out Santa Claus, he's got a brand new identity just waiting for him:

His favorite horror author is easy:

Really, with a name as simple to rhyme with as "Bo," the possibilities are endless. The biggest question is: What the heck did Bichette think when he checked Twitter this morning?

And most importantly, if you decide to join in on the puns while we wait another day before baseball season is back, make sure to cite your sources: