A look at the biggest impending free agents from each team

August 19th, 2023

One of the key aspects of evaluating every team's moves at the Trade Deadline was the contract status of the players involved in any trade. Some players were brought in specifically because they'll be under team control for a few years, but most of the players are the rentals: The ones who are about to hit the market. Every team has a guy who, with his contract about to run out, may be playing his last months with this team.

With that in mind, let's look at each team's top free-agent-to-be. Some of them are stars, some of them are the aforementioned midseason "rentals" and some of them will be among the biggest stories of this offseason. But these are the ones who may be saying goodbye to their current teams very soon.


Blue Jays: , 3B
2024 Opening Day age: 30
It's fair to say that the March 2022 trade for Chapman has worked out like gangbusters: He's about to be one of the most sought-after free agents in baseball. With Orelvis Martinez, who is ranked the club's No. 2 prospect by MLB Pipeline, hitting the Majors soon, these could be Chapman's last days in Toronto, but let there be no doubt: They'll miss him if he goes.

Orioles: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 28
Take your pick between Flaherty and Kyle Gibson, but the Orioles better hope their young pitchers are ready for 2024, because a good chunk of their current rotation is going to hit the market this winter.

Rays: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 31
As usual, the Rays don't have a lot of guys about to hit free agency, but their success in turning Stephenson, once a top prospect, into an extremely useful relief pitcher may help him make a lot of money this offseason … albeit perhaps with another team.

Red Sox: , LHP
2024 Opening Day age: 35
He pitched less than 25 innings total from 2020-22 while he dealt with a myriad of injuries, but he's been quite effective this year (3.34 ERA). Boston will miss him if he leaves.

Yankees: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 29
The Yankees have a few guys hitting the market, from Isiah Kiner-Falefa to Frankie Montas to Wandy Peralta, but Bader resolved their center field situation for a while. Now it looks like it might be an issue again.


Guardians: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 31
Syndergaard just got here, and he might not be in Cleveland very long.

Royals: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 40
Is this the last year for Greinke, this farewell tour with the team he started with? You'd think so, but then again, we all sort of thought so last year, too. If he wants to stick around, it'd be tough to find anyone who minded too much.

Tigers: , LHP
2024 Opening Day age: 33
The results from Boyd's return to Detroit haven't been what anybody hoped, as he prepares to hit the market this offseason.

Twins: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 34
This is Gray's 11th year in the Majors, and he has essentially been good-to-excellent every single one of them -- except for that sojourn in the Bronx. They could probably use him, if he wanted to return, but then again, every team in baseball could use Gray.

White Sox: , C
2024 Opening Day age: 35
It has been two down offensive seasons in a row for Grandal, who was once one of the best offensive catchers in baseball. Though this year was a step forward from 2022. Until this year, he hadn't played in more than 99 games since 2019.


Angels: , RHP/DH
2024 Opening Day age: 29
You may end up reading about Ohtani's offseason travels, at some point.

Astros: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 36
He hasn't gotten into a game this season, but he's begun a rehab assignment, and honestly, is there a pitcher in baseball who would want to face him in the postseason?

Athletics: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 34
May might be the most recognizable veteran on this mostly rebuilding A's team.

Mariners: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 31
Hernández hasn't quite lived up to everything the Mariners had been hoping for from him, but the way they have been playing lately, it's possible he'll have a chance to turn it around in the postseason.

Rangers: , LHP
2024 Opening Day age: 36
The Rangers have made a ton of moves to fortify their pitching, but they're going to have to do it again this offseason: Chapman, Martín Pérez and Jordan Montgomery are all free agents to be. Of the trio, you could argue that Montgomery will end up with the biggest contract this winter, but Chapman is certainly the bigger name.


Braves: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 32
This could depend on whether the Braves pick up Charlie Morton's option ($20 million) or Eddie Rosario's ($9 million), but either way, this team is locked and loaded for years to come.

Marlins: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 38
There has been a lot of talk about this supposedly being an all-in year for the Marlins, but their only real major free agent is a guy they traded for at the Deadline.

Mets: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 37
It's been a rough season in Queens for Carrasco, alas, and you wonder how long the inspirational right-hander has left.

Nationals: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 32
If there were a major free agent to be on this roster after the Deadline, something would have gone very wrong.

Phillies: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 30
Nola, despite a down year (for him, anyway), may be the top starting pitcher on the market. But other free agents on this team include Michael Lorenzen, Craig Kimbrel and Rhys Hoskins.


Brewers: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 30
The hoped-for Winker resurgence has definitely not happened this year, and honestly, Carlos Santana might have even been a better choice here.

Cardinals: , RHP
2024 Opening Day age: 33
The Cardinals traded away all the impending free agents any team would want, which leaves VerHagen, who never quite panned out the way the Cardinals had been hoping.

Cubs: , 3B
2024 Opening Day age: 30
The eight-year veteran feels like the sort of player who, with a solid September and maybe October, could see Wrigley as a place he'd want to stay for a while.

Pirates: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 37
It has been a nice little go-around for Cutch in his return to Pittsburgh this year. He and his team might be up for another one, no?

Reds: , 1B
2024 Opening Day age: 40
That $225 million deal signed back in 2014 finally ends after this season, unless the club picks up his $20 million option. But even though the production isn't what it once was, Votto is more beloved than he has ever been, both in Cincinnati and nationally.


D-backs: , 3B
2024 Opening Day age: 38
The D-backs have several intriguing free agents, from Tommy Pham to Lourdes Gurriel Jr. to Nick Ahmed, but aren't you super curious what Longoria is going to do this offseason?

Dodgers: , LHP
2024 Opening Day age: 27
Clayton Kershaw is also a free agent, but if he pitches again in 2024 (and why wouldn't he?), he'll presumably be staying put. But Urías will be one of the most fascinating free agent stories this offseason, given his relative youth and somewhat disappointing walk year.

Giants: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 31
The platonic ideal of a Giants player, will he decide this is the right place for him? Also: What happens with Brandon Crawford?

Padres: , LHP
2024 Opening Day age: 31
Snell picked a good time to have a renaissance season, entering the weekend leading the Majors with a 2.65 ERA.

Rockies: , OF
2024 Opening Day age: 37
The $108 million deal he signed in 2018 ends this year. Can you imagine him in any other uniform?