Astros receive biggest postseason shares in MLB history

November 22nd, 2022

As if winning the World Series wasn’t enough, the Houston Astros will also receive the biggest postseason shares in baseball history for their championship effort.

Houston’s shares this year are worth $516,347 each thanks to a record players’ pool of $107.5 million, up 19 percent from last year’s pool of $90.5 million. The previous record for a postseason share came in 2017, when the Astros cashed in $438,901.57 each for winning the World Series.

This year’s increase in the players’ pool came as a result of the new Wild Card Series, which was agreed to in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement earlier this year.

The Braves’ postseason share for winning the World Series in 2021 was roughly $397,000 apiece, though it should be noted that Atlanta issued more shares than Houston did.

The Astros issued 59 full shares and 14.14 partial shares, plus $940,000 in cash awards.

The National League champion Phillies issued 72 full shares worth $296,255 each, plus 15.03 partial shares and $20,000 in cash awards.

The Yankees and Padres, who lost in the League Championship Series, took home shares worth $145,820 (72 full shares, 16.47 partial shares) and $152,709 (70 full shares, 14.47 partial shares, $2,000 cash awards), respectively.

Prior to the World Series, the total pools are the same for the teams that reach each round. The size of full shares varies based on how many each team votes to give out, as well as partial shares and cash awards.

Below is the full breakdown of postseason shares for all 12 of this year’s participants. Each team's number of full shares is listed in parentheses:

Astros: $516,347 (59)
Phillies: $296,255 (72)
Padres: $152,709 (70)
Yankees: $145,820 (72)
Guardians: $45,795 (60)
Braves: $44,878 (60)
Mariners: $42,221 (69)
Dodgers: $36,148 (82)
Cardinals: $10,351 (63)
Blue Jays: $10,007 (68)
Mets: $9,480 (68)
Rays: $8,387 (79)