Crew's Draft pick Mitchell has serious moves

Dude's got impressive wheels

June 11th, 2020

It's one thing when a baseball player is a better athlete than you are. You simply expect that they would burn you in the 40-yard dash, a tug of war, or a friendly game of backyard baseball. They're athletes and, if you're anything like me, your best skill is sitting for long periods of time.

However, it stings a little bit more when a ballplayer is also a much better dancer -- one who could probably become a viral TikTok star if they wanted. That's the case for outfielder Garrett Mitchell, who the Brewers selected 20th overall in the Draft on Wednesday night.

While Mitchell's calling card is his 70-grade speed, perhaps he should be known for these moves, too:

Yeah, something tells me the next time Milwaukee's dugout gets down, it's going to have a little more choreography than this:

Mitchell's legs aren't the only notable thing about the player. Known more for hitting line drives to the gaps than power, Mitchell hit .355/.425/.484 over 62 at-bats before the pandemic ended his junior season at UCLA -- skills the Brewers hope he'll bring to the big league club.

You may also notice him popping cherry-flavored gummies in the dugout, too. Mitchell has Type 1 diabetes, which he helps control by popping the candy.

“They don’t sponsor anyone or have anyone doing anything with them,” Mitchell told The Athletic's Andy McCullough. “I’m like, ‘Why can’t I be that guy?’ All the kids with diabetes are going to want to eat those Black Forest Gummy Cherries if they see me do it. I’m just trying to set an example.”