Playing Pictionary with fans, Shaw bests Lindor

January 31st, 2016

CLEVELAND -- Francisco Lindor stood on stage in front of an easel, autographing a large sheet of paper that included frantically drawn doodles of a can and a corn cob. One thing is for certain, Indians fan Chad Milburn has a souvenir unlike anyone else.

"Oh my god," Milburn said with a laugh. "No one else in the world has something like this -- that's for sure."

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During Saturday's Tribe Fest at Aloft Hotel, Milburn teamed with Lindor in a battle of Pictionary against reliever Bryan Shaw and Indians fan Lauren Kane. Lindor did the bulk of the on-stage bragging and dancing, but Shaw -- who remained stoic throughout the fun competition -- came away with the victory.

Lindor was not so sure Shaw should have won, though.

"They cheated!" Lindor bellowed in jest as he stormed off stage.

The controversy came during the final round. With the game tied, the teams had to draw manager Terry Francona. Shaw wrote the word "manager" on his paper -- violating the rules. As Lindor argued for the victory, the teams were allowed to go to a bonus round, which Shaw and Kane also won.

Lindor might be an artist with a glove, but the game revealed that he is hardly one with a marker.

Charged with drawing an arm, Lindor used two sheets and scribbled a skinny limb that led to guesses of "knee" and "chicken leg" by Milburn. For the rest of the contest, Shaw referred to Lindor as "chicken leg" in mockery. The shortstop also tried to draw a snowball, but his series of small circles and two-tiered snowman left both his and Shaw's team at a loss.


Milburn loved every second of the experience.

"It was awesome. It was a dream come true," he said. "I've been a shortstop for life and I was excited to be up there with Lindor as my partner."