Harper months away from returning to RF

May 18th, 2022

PHILADELPHIA -- The Phillies offered new information on Bryce Harper’s potential timetable to return to right field: Late July or early August, at the absolute earliest.

Harper received a PRP injection into his right elbow on Sunday in Los Angeles, which he hopes will heal the small tear in the ulnar collateral ligament. Harper was not in Wednesday’s lineup against the Padres at Citizens Bank Park because he still feels soreness, which was anticipated. He could be in the lineup as soon as Thursday.

But Phillies manager Joe Girardi said the doctor who administered Harper’s injection has recommended Harper not throw for six weeks. Initially, they said he would not throw for four weeks. So looking at the calendar, Harper might not begin his throwing program until the final week of June, at the earliest.

Harper will then slowly ramp up his throwing.

It could take weeks.

So, even if everything goes well, it might be two months before Harper is in right field again.

“Yeah, probably,” Girardi said. “Two weeks of throwing, I don’t think would quite be enough. I think you’re looking at probably three or four. I don’t know. I don’t have the buildup. But I know it’s six weeks of not throwing.”

Is there a chance he doesn’t play in the field again this season?

“Our hope is that isn’t the case,” Girardi said. “Our hope is that the procedure we did helps it scar over and he’s fine. It’s worked before, but there’s no 100 percent guarantee.”

In the meantime, Harper will continue to DH. He said the elbow does not bother him when he hits.