Harper joins Phillie Phanatic for bedtime story

May 7th, 2020

PHILADELPHIA -- misses you guys.

On Wednesday night, Harper read a bedtime story to the Phanatic and young Phillies fans live from the Phanatic’s Instagram account (@philliephanatic). Harper put his heart into it, too. How do we know? Well, he showed up in full uniform, including pants, jersey and cap. This is something big leaguers never do outside the ballpark. But Harper did.

“Like the uni?” Harper asked the Phanatic. “Pretty good, huh? What’s up everybody? So excited to be able to read this book to the Phanatic today and all you guys. I hope all the little kids out there and little adults enjoy this story. I miss you guys. I can’t wait to get back to the Bank and hit some homers and win some games. I thought I’d get into full uni for you guys. I feel like it’s Halloween, but I’m excited to be back.”

Harper read “The Phillie Phanatic’s Philadelphia Story” from the Phanatic’s book series. This one had the Phanatic donning a virtual reality helmet and going back in time, where he flew a kite with Ben Franklin, cracked the Liberty Bell and attended the signing of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall -- all so he could pass a history test.

Harper is a big Phanatic fan in real life. He wore green Phanatic spikes on Opening Day 2019 and wore a Phanatic headband throughout his first season in Philly. He has other Phanatic swag, too.

Harper bantered with the Phanatic throughout the story. Well, he bantered as much as he could with the Phanatic. The Phanatic doesn’t talk.

“Everybody talks about Ben Franklin,” Harper said, “We need to start talking about the Phillie Phanatic.”

This is the second time the Phillies had somebody read a bedtime story to the Phanatic and kids. Phillies manager Joe Girardi and his wife Kim read a book last week.