B. Kennedy talks his first week in the Majors

June 25th, 2022

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Happy Anniversary to D-backs infielder Buddy Kennedy, who is celebrating one week in the big leagues today. And what a week it has been for Kennedy.

It started with getting everything imaginable dumped over his head. Then he got the first curtain call in recent memory for a D-backs player before finishing his week having to sit out a game after taking an awkward swing and suffering some discomfort in his hand/wrist.

I sat down with Kennedy as the D-backs finished up their series with the Padres to talk about his first week in the Majors and whether he heard from his friend, Mike Trout, after his grand slam.

SG: How are you settling in after an eventful start to your big league career?
BK: I definitely caught up on some sleep Sunday night and Monday for sure. Just kind of like be able to relax and enjoy it. I think for me it was just kind of a blur, because it all happened so quick because obviously every day we've got another game. It's a great memory for me and my family. I'm very thankful, very blessed and just enjoying it and living in the moment.

Did you get a chance to talk with Trout after your grand slam? He also homered that day.
Yeah, he texted me that day. He said, "Bro, great stuff." And I texted him and was like, "Two kids from Millville [N.J.] hit a home run on the same day." And he goes, "Yeah, you're right, that's never happened before. Just enjoy it, play hard and keep having fun with it."

It must be a challenge to try to learn all these pitchers that you're now facing for the first time.
Exactly. Obviously, I've never faced any of these guys so it's a little different for me. Just trying to get adjusted, you know, have good at-bats. There will be a time when I can face them again, and I'll learn from my last mistakes just how to approach them the next time. But just trying to get a feel for everyone, stick to my plan and hit the ball hard somewhere.