Buster called bank? A highlight to top 'em all

November 5th, 2021

retired on Thursday, which meant baseball fans were reminiscing about the legendary Giants catcher's top highlights. And considering he was a Rookie of the Year, MVP, seven-time All-Star and three-time World Series champ, there are plenty to choose from.

But the best may have come on, of all things, a throw back to the mound.

On July 9, 2016, starter Jake Peavy was a little annoyed with the third-base umpire when a check-swing call didn't go the way he wanted. Posey, behind the plate per usual, went to throw the ball back to Peavy at the exact second the pitcher turned his head to continue jawing at the umpire. Disaster was avoided, however, thanks to Posey's perfect throw, which somehow harmlessly bounced off Peavy and landed directly in his glove.

After the game, Peavy said: "Who throws it there other than Buster? I'm waiting for him to do something wrong."

Posey certainly did little wrong during a career that could one day see him enshrined in the Hall of Fame.