BYU freshman making instant impact at MLB Desert Invitational

Aloy bringing Aloha State skills to Arizona

February 18th, 2024

MESA, Ariz. -- Hawaii isn't a hotbed for baseball compared to most states on the mainland, but BYU's Kuhio Aloy is determined to change the narrative, striving to bring the Aloha State into the spotlight.

"There's not a lot of exposure," Aloy said. "There's some talent out there and a lot of kids love the game. They're willing to do whatever it takes."

Aloy's journey mirrors that sentiment. He was once the kid from Maui who worked relentlessly to pursue his baseball dreams, which culminated in committing to BYU in January 2023. And in his first two college games, the freshman wasted no time showcasing his skills at the next level.

After putting together a three-hit game, which included a towering two-run home run, on Friday night, BYU's designated hitter carried his success Saturday Night at Sloan Park in a 7-2 loss to Ohio State.

Aloy pounced on the first pitch he saw in the seventh inning, an offering down the middle of the plate. The ball had plenty of height and kept carrying into center field until it snuck past the yellow outfield fence. Sure, it wasn't the deep bomb Aloy hit the night before, but it gave him his second home run in his second college game.

Even with his first college experience coming in the MLB Desert Invitational, the young ball player didn't feel the first-day jitters float around as he walked through Sloan Park, the Spring Training home of the Chicago Cubs.

Instead, he focused on keeping the regiment that has made him a successful baseball player -- talking to himself before games, taking deep breaths and walking out with the confidence needed to crush the baseball.

"I wasn't nervous at all," Aloy said. "I feel like I prepared myself enough to step into the Desert Invitational to know that I was prepared to face what was coming."

So far, it's working. Aloy is 4-for-8 with two home runs and four RBIs to begin his NCAA career. But the freshman knows that to last in this game, consistency is key. He knows his Major League dreams are attainable, especially since he looked to someone who laid a blueprint for aspiring Hawaii baseball players.

"Kolten Wong," Aloy said. "He was a big inspiration to me. Just being a small kid from an island that not many people know about. And then just making it to the big leagues, one of the highest levels of baseball, it's inspiring."