New two-way talent! STL organist snags foul

May 30th, 2022

Organists at ballparks are among our favorite people. They're beloved for their musical talents, which provide entertainment for tens of thousands of fans at each Major League game on a given day. What could possibly make us love them more?

How about an organist who can do his job while snaring a line-drive foul ball at the same time?

That's exactly what Cardinals organist Dwayne Hilton did during a Paul Goldschmidt plate appearance in St. Louis' game against the Brewers on Sunday at Busch Stadium. Goldschmidt lined a foul off to the right, and the ball went right into the organist's booth, where Hilton made a clean barehanded catch and got a well-deserved ovation from the crowd.

Cardinals television play-by-play broadcaster Dan McLaughlin said what many were thinking:

"What concerns me," McLaughlin said, "is that Dwayne, we need those fingers to be healthy."

Hilton's hands seem to have survived the foul ball just fine, so not to worry, Cards fans -- you'll get to hear your favorite organist playing at Busch Stadium just like always.

And now you know that he can catch a screaming foul ball, too.