Martinez delivering during visit from mother

June 15th, 2017

ST. LOUIS -- It's not the most obvious tattoo on 's arms, or the biggest. But on the inside of his right wrist, next to his veins and where you would put your fingers to check your pulse, he has placed something significant -- "Evelyn," the name of his mother.

Martinez's mother plays an important role in his life, making it even more special when she obtained a travel visa from Venezuela to see her son play during the Cardinals' homestand this week.

"It's been absolutely amazing. When I walked in, tears of joy came out, because it's obviously what I've been wanting, asking God for," Evelyn Martinez said through an interpreter. "It's actually one of my dreams that finally came true."

The visit was made more special when Martinez hit a pair of homers in the first game of a doubleheader against the Brewers on Tuesday.

"I was so excited, there were so many emotions I can't even describe," Evelyn Martinez said. "I jumped up, I started screaming, crying and even more when he came around third, heading home and threw a kiss at me."

Evelyn called their family in Venezuela, who shared in her excitement and turned on the game. His two home runs were news in St. Louis, but in the Venezuela newspapers, his big day was one of the top stories.

Martinez played 10 years in the Minors before making his Major League debut in 2016. He recently came back from a groin injury, but was 3-for-20 in eight games from May 29 until Tuesday.

"Whatever happens, if I strike out four times, she's going to be happy," Jose Martinez said. "[On Tuesday,] I could do something for her that's special. Everything went well for me, I'm really happy for her. …Whatever I did is for her."

His father, Carlos, also played in the Major Leagues for seven seasons. He died from stomach cancer in 2006 at the age of 40. Getting to see Jose play brings back memories for his mother.

"They have a lot of similarities, especially with their batting stance and how he runs," Evelyn Martinez said. "It's just very similar. … I think it's something that they both carry in their blood, it's a family thing."

While Evelyn left Thursday, Jose is doing all he can to help his family, who is enduring turmoil in Venezuela.

"Right now, the most important thing is my family," Martinez said. "She's going to be back in Venezuela, where all this stuff is, but she's going to be happy."