Minor Leaguer's bat sawed off ... and he homers anyway

May 28th, 2023

With a crack of the bat -- literally -- reclaimed the lead in the International League home run title race. Although it's how he did so that was notable.

The 15th homer of the year for the Cardinals prospect at Triple-A Memphis came off a broken bat, yet it still managed to travel 412 feet, soaring beyond the left-field fence.

Baker, who was left holding just the handle of his lumber, gave rise to the axiom: "That bat died a hero."

Offered an inside sinker, Baker got jammed -- but he also delivered a big swing and jammed Norfolk starter Ryan Watson in his own right.

This shot might be the confidence boost Baker needed to get out of a recent slump. Saturday marked his first homer in 13 games, with his last coming in a double dinger night against Lehigh Valley on May 12.

Also vying to be International League home run king, Norfolk’s Josh Lester entered the night with 13 homers on the year. In the top of the first, he made it 14 to tie Baker’s mark. Not a big fan of sharing, Baker almost immediately reclaimed the top spot.

With the barrel cleanly detached from the handle of the bat, Baker made himself two souvenirs with one swing.