Cat surprises 2 fans in stands. And they weren't just any 2 fans ...

Emily Edwards and Kierra Fletcher just wanted to root on their significant others

July 1st, 2023

Sometimes, an animal on an MLB field can suddenly spark a rally, like the cat that interrupted a Cardinals game right before a Yadier Molina grand slam in 2017.

And sometimes, an animal on an MLB field can just scare the dickens out of some nearby fans, like the squirrel that ran along the Yankee Stadium fence earlier this year.

We had more of the latter situation at Angel Stadium on Friday night, as a cat got loose down the left-field line during the ninth inning and hopped into the stands, right next to a couple of fans.

But they weren’t just any fans. The cat landed right next to Emily Edwards and Kierra Fletcher, who were at the game to support their significant others on the field. Emily is the fiancée of D-backs outfielder Dominic Fletcher, and Kierra is the wife of Dominic’s brother, Angels infielder David Fletcher. Friday marked the first time that the brothers squared off in the Major Leagues.

Although Kierra seemed to laugh off the unexpected guest, it’s clear that Emily wanted no part of this sudden kitty encounter. Although the Angels have a long, storied history with the Rally Monkey, they will not be having a rally cat join their ranks; they trailed 6-2 when the animal made its presence known and would go on to lose by that same score.