Squirrel on the short porch sends Yanks fans into state of shock

May 24th, 2023

Every year, it seems as if a squirrel finds a way to impact an MLB game.

Last year, a game between the Cubs and Pirates was delayed when a squirrel scurried around the warning track, while a game between the Cardinals and Tigers from earlier this season featured an appearance from one of St. Louis’ trademark rally squirrels.

On Tuesday, a squirrel found a new way to interrupt a baseball game by running along the outfield wall during the Yankees' game against the Orioles – a move that elicited some priceless reactions from the crowd.

The squirrel’s mad dash to stardom started in the Yankees’ bullpen, but it quickly made its way to the top of the outfield wall. By the time cameras caught up to the squirrel, it had already sent two Yankees fans into a state of shock.

From there, it ran further down the edge of the wall, where the fans' reactions ranged from dumbfounded to disinterested.

After a slight slip, the squirrel fell down the eight-foot, five-inch-tall outfield wall, where it stuck the landing in an incredibly impressive display of athleticism that set a high bar for the next bushy-tailed friend that makes an appearance in an MLB stadium.