Talk about a WILD pitch! Ball goes off wall, between ump's legs

August 17th, 2022

In baseball, sometimes being lucky is better than being skilled. Just ask Mets catcher Michael Perez.

In Tuesday’s game against the Braves in Atlanta, Perez showcased that combination in the third inning on a wild play that resulted in an out. Right-handed reliever R.J. Alvarez, who came in after Taijuan Walker exited the game due to injury, lost control of a pitch, sending it over the head of batter Dansby Swanson. 

Ronald Acuña Jr., who was on first base, took off for second and looked like he would have the bag easily. The ball hit the Truist Park signage behind the plate right in the middle of the logo, bounced back towards home plate and went in between the umpire’s legs, where Perez gathered it. The catcher then fired off a strong throw to second, where Jeff McNeil got the tag down on Acuña, leaving him stunned.

Moments later, McNeil ran down a popup in short right field to end the inning with back to back spectacular plays.