Bobby Bonilla Day 2021 has special twist

Bobby Bo would like to host you for an overnight stay at Citi Field

July 1st, 2021

Every year on July 1, Bobby Bonilla gets paid $1.2 million by the New York Mets. It's the result of a deferred contract agreement Bonilla made with the team. The deal started in 2011 -- 10 years after Bonilla retired -- and will continue until 2035.

It is known as Bobby Bonilla Day and takes over the internet every year around this time. Even though it's not totally unusual, it still looks strange for a team to be sending someone a $1 million check when they haven't played in two decades.

But this July 1, things are different. Bonilla is, as the Mets' state in their press release, "back to work," and will be hosting a special Airbnb stay at Citi Field. Check it out below:

Starting on July 8, four lucky fans can request to book the extremely Mets-themed loft for $250 for the July 28 game against the Braves. They'll have access to a gym, will watch the game from a private suite (with unlimited hot dogs!) and, judging from the Airbnb photos, might be greeted by these two famous Mets upon entering.

One guest will also be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch that night, so that gym time might be needed. (You don't want to do this).

Bobby Bo is listed as a "Virtual Host," and will welcome everyone virtually after they check in. Hopefully he has time to teach you how to bat flip.