In ultimate troll, Chipper cutout graces Citi

There is also one for his son, Shea

July 25th, 2020

Chipper Jones had a long Hall of Fame career. He played well against a lot of teams. But there's no team he crushed -- and enjoyed crushing -- more than the New York Mets.

He had 49 homers, 159 RBIs and a .309/.406/.543 slash line against them. He broke nicest man alive Bob Ley's Mets-loving heart. There's entire TV specials devoted to his Mets-destroying dominance. He named his son, Shea, after the team's old stadium.

And even eight years after he played his last big league game, Chipper is still making his presence felt. The current ESPN broadcaster had a grinning fan cutout of himself and his son, Shea, for the Mets' home opener against the Braves on Friday.

It's not all fun and games, though. It's also for a good cause.