Could Bellinger and Betts be the best duo ever? 

Crazy? Sure. Possible? Definitely.

February 6th, 2020
Tom Forget /

Listen, I know it sounds outrageous. Baseball has a long, storied history and there have been some absolutely stacked-with-talent super teams. But guess what? There's a reason why every Dodgers fan was cheering on Tuesday night when the news broke that Mookie Betts was on his way to Los Angeles. That's because the Dodgers' outfield can now lay claim to one of the best duos in the history of the sport.

Betts won the 2018 American League MVP. Bellinger broke out last year to take home the National League trophy. And combined? They might be getting even better, with both outfielders in their mid-20s. Only 14 teams had two players between 20-26 years old post the kind of seasons that Betts and Bellinger had for their respective teams last season -- and that was during a down year from Betts. What if both play to MVP standards next year -- and the Dodgers manage to re-sign Betts? Could they be the best teammate duo of all-time?

That's where you come in. Below we have listed 10 of the best teammates ever -- with Betts and Bellinger among them. Upvote the players you think are the best. While Betts and Bellinger aren't there yet ... we can dream, can't we?