Rockies' No. 65 pick Carrigg put on a show with triple-digit throws

Versatile prospect hit 102 mph in the field at Draft Combine

July 10th, 2023

This story was originally published on June 21. We have updated it to reflect Cole Carrigg being drafted No. 65 overall by the Rockies.

PHOENIX -- It’s not often you see a defensive position log like the one Cole Carrigg has amassed over the past two seasons at San Diego State and on the summer league circuit. It’s also not often you see anyone -- let alone a 21-year-old Draft prospect -- rip off consecutive throws from the outfield in excess of 100 mph and a triple-digit throw from shortstop.

Carrigg, selected by the Rockies with the No. 65 overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft, put on a show during the infield/outfield drills portion of the Combine last month, first whipping a 100 mph rocket across the infield. He followed that up by heading out to right field, where he reeled off a whip toward the plate at 101 mph, followed immediately by his next throw registering at 102 mph.

Since Statcast data became available in 2015, just 22 throws during Major League action have clocked in at 102 mph or faster. In that same span, 20 teams haven’t registered a throw from the outfield that reached that threshold.

In that same vein, no big league infield assist has ever been tracked at 100 mph or more.

“I knew I had a little bit in the tank, but I did not know I had that much,” Carrigg said with a laugh. “So that was pretty cool to see.”

Listed as the uber-rare catcher/shortstop/outfield talent, Carrigg has logged appearances at seven positions -- including on the mound, where he has ramped it up as high as 95 mph -- in the past year.

“Honestly, I feel like I can play -- whether it’s catcher, shortstop or center field -- at the big league level,” he said. “But for me, I’ve always been a catcher at heart, and that’s where I want to be.”

Carrigg, who was a starter for San Diego State for nearly all of three years, was an early-round talent in the 2023 class whose athleticism intrigued evaluators. In addition to hitting .388 during his sophomore campaign, the switch-hitter excelled with a .329 average over 41 games with a wood bat in the Cape Cod League, swiping 15 bags for good measure.

While he’ll certainly take the eye-popping arm strength that drew the attention of all in attendance at Chase Field, Carrigg was more succinct in what he hopes big league clubs took away from his time at the Combine.

“I just hope they know that they’re going to get the hardest worker on the field every day," he said, "and somebody who is going to give them more than 100% every single time I step onto the field."