The Seager brothers crush in Arlington

When you see them coming into town, you best clear out

October 25th, 2020

It's like one of the old Western movies. It's raining, raining hard, and all you can hear are the sounds of their footsteps moseying on into Arlington, Texas. The front gates of the ballpark swing open and everybody inside stops, turns slowly and looks. They hope and pray it's not who they think it is. But it is. It's them. The Brothers Seager.

And then, well, they start mashing.

It's no secret that Kyle Seager has absolutely loved hitting at the Rangers' old Globe Life Park. In 77 games there, he had a 301/.365/.536 slash line with a .901 OPS and 15 home runs.

But the funny thing is Kyle's brother Corey: The younger Seager had never played against the Rangers before this year. But the Rangers' new ballpark, Globe Life Field, hosted the Dodgers for a three-game set during the regular season and Seager hit like his brother. Corey went 5-for-13 there with a home run and three RBIs.

And now that Globe Life Field has been the bubble host during the 2020 postseason, Corey's kept it going. The teams may change, but Seager's hot streak didn't. Through the first 13 games played there this postseason entering Saturday's World Series Game 4, he slashed at a .327/.424/.776 rate. That's an astronomical 1.201 OPS. He had six homers and 15 RBIs. He won the NLCS MVP.

In fact, Corey is now the greatest non-Ranger Ranger in the new ballpark's short history.

And then, sure enough, what happened in Game 4? Seager went deep again. It was his seventh postseason homer at Globe Life Field, and eighth total this October. That ties him for the second-most ever in a single postseason:

Two innings later, Seager laced another single. Next time he came up: another single. And then, in the top of the eighth inning, Seager had perhaps his softest hit of the postseason. But it floated just over the head of the shortstop and landed for an RBI base hit. He can't be stopped!

We're not sure why the Seagers love to crush baseballs in Arlington. They're from North Carolina and have played in Seattle and Los Angeles during their respective careers. Then again, why did Shane ride into Wyoming that day? What made Doc Holliday meet up with Wyatt Earp? Where did Will Smith find Kool Mo Dee? Why is Will Smith on the Dodgers now? Why am I talking about any of this?

Oh yeah, just don't pitch to Kyle and Corey Seager when they're in Arlington. You'll regret it.