What in the world happened to Seager's bat?

April 10th, 2022

Want to see a magic trick?

On Sunday, new Rangers star Corey Seager came to the plate in the top of the fourth against Julian Merryweather, with the series finale knotted at six apiece at Rogers Centre. On the ensuing go-ahead RBI single, Seager's bat broke in one of the most original ways that we've ever seen.

Watching the video above, are your eyes quick enough to catch what happened? Watch it again in slow motion below.

That's right, Seager's hit didn't crack the bat in half or shatter it like you'd expect. He somehow pulled the handle of the bat away from the barrel in one smooth, awesome move. And gave the Rangers the lead while doing it! In a game that was jam-packed with excitement, Seager's strongman moment added one more wild occurrence to the Rangers' 12-6 win.