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09-07-17 Credentials Available for Potential Postseason Games at Minute Maid Park

All media must apply via the online credentialing system to cover playoff home games

The application process for potential postseason home games held at Minute Maid Park, including the American League Division Series, is now active online at


The application process for potential postseason home games held at Minute Maid Park, including the American League Division Series, is now active online at


The deadline to apply for Astros Division Series credentials, which are specifically for games played at Minute Maid Park, is Wednesday, September 27. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.


Media members with Astros 2017 Full Season Credentials still need to apply for the 2017 Astros Division Series.


Media wishing to cover Astros postseason games at other ballparks must apply through the opposing teams on the MLB credential website.


All media should review the MLB Dress Code and guidelines regarding video recording, both attached, prior to arriving at the ballpark for media coverage.




1. Log on to This URL is case sensitive. Do not be alarmed, the look of the credentialing website has changed, although it houses all the information from previous seasons.


If you have used MLB's online credentialing system to apply for Astros Spring Training, regular season or daily credentials in the past, that same email and password combination will work. If you have used the system before, but do not remember your password, click on RESET PASSWORD. At the prompt, enter your email address. You then will receive a password emailed to you that will allow you to log in fully.


If you have not used the MLB system before, contact Dena Propis in the Astros Communications office at and include in the email your contact information, your media affiliate contact information, including mailing address, and your needs while covering the Astros. If you are approved to be a manager of your affiliate, you will receive an automatic email from the MLB credentialing system. Follow the prompts to log in.


2. After logging into the home page, click on APPLY TO EVENTS. From there, a window will open displaying all MLB Club logos. Click on the Houston Astros logo.


3. You will be directed to the Astros Club Info screen. It is mandatory that all media requesting credentials read through the two tabs of content. One displays general credential guidelines, while the second outlines electronic media and dress code policies. These will be strictly enforced.


4. After reading through the Astros Club Info, click on APPLY TO EVENTS. At the top of the list, click on 2017 Houston Division Series Credentials.


5. Read through the Club Info then click on SELECT MEMBERS. Every member of your affiliate that has previously been entered into the system will appear in a column on the left. Click the check box next to the member(s) that needs access on this date and click APPLY SELECTED. The member(s) will now be displayed in the right column.


A member cannot be moved from the left column to the right column if they are missing pertinent information. That missing information will be displayed next to the member name with the examples of MISSING PHOTO or MISSING EMAIL. Click on the member to update that info.


If you need to add a member, click on NEW MEMBER. After typing in a member's full name, check to see if a duplicate bio exists, if so, select that duplicate. If the member does not exist in the system, then follow the prompts to add the new member.


6. Once you are done selecting members, click COMMENTS. You must enter Comments. Please include a brief description of your planned coverage for the season or if you have any other questions.


7. Once you are done with comments, click CONFIRM. On this page, you can review your selected members and your comments. You also must agree to MLB's Credential Terms and Conditions. Once you agree to them, click the check box and click SUBMIT.


8. Once your credential request has been submitted, you will receive email correspondence from the Astros indicating whether your request has been approved or denied. (Please note: You will not receive an immediate email after the application is submitted.)


9. To view your pending applications, click on EVENTS. If you'd like to make a change to a submitted event, click on the date, then click on REQUEST UNLOCK. From there, the Astros will be automatically notified to unlock this event for you.


With any questions on the credentialing system, please email or call Dena Propis in the Astros Communications department at and at 713-259-8545.


League Championship and World Series Credentials


The Media Credential Application for the 2017 League Championship Series and the 2017 World Series is now available on


This online form is the only acceptable application for 2017 LCS and World Series Media Credentials as no other application or request will be processed. Applications must be completed by the Sports Editor or Sports Director and received by Major League Baseball no later than Friday, October 6th.


All completed applications must include a 1" x 1" hi-resolution photo (JPEG format) and valid e-mail address for each applicant.


Media members who have used the MLB Club Credentialing system to apply for a jewel event or regular season games in the past have access to the application by signing in with your e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password, you can obtain a new one by clicking the "Reset Password" option on the credential homepage.


Media outlets that have not previously applied online for MLB credentials must contact the MLB Communications Department at (212) 931-7884 or via e-mail at in order to gain access to the credentialing system.


A coverage grid must be completed within the application for each applicant to indicate which games they plan to attend. The system will not accept any applications that are missing a photo, e-mail address or a grid for any applicant.


Hotel reservation information for all World Series games is available by contacting World Travel at (877) 798-6930 or