Cubs fan Cusack relishes 'uncharted territory'

October 30th, 2016

CHICAGO -- Wrigley Field has been teeming with celebrity fans throughout the postseason. With the World Series having made its way to the North Side, there has been no shortage of famous people who have flocked to the Cubs' home ballpark to revel in what has been a frenzied October.
But for some famous Cubs fans, none of this is new. They have been here not only all season, but every season. Perhaps no one exemplifies this type of Cubs fandom quite like actor John Cusack, who spends more time at Wrigley Field during the baseball season than anywhere else.
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That's not an exaggeration. How many home Cubs games did he attend in 2016?
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"I missed four or five because of work," he said, smiling.
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Seventy-six games is a lot. Heck, 50 is a lot. Whatever the number is for Cusack, it's clear his presence at Wrigley Field has nothing to do with fads, or being somewhere just to be seen. He is a loyal and knowledgeable fan of the Cubs and of baseball in general, and win or lose this World Series, he's reveling in his team's historic run.
"It's hard for people who have normal sports relationships to teams to understand," he said. "Rooting for a team that's never won in your lifetime, in your father's lifetime, it's just different. The vibe around Wrigley is just different."
An hour before the first pitch of Game 4 on Saturday night, Cusack, whose movies include "Say Anything," "Eight Men Out" and "Being John Malkovich," relaxed in a suite at Wrigley Field, surrounded by friends and a few family members while reflecting on how the Cubs got this far this October. He has been a Cubs fan long enough to understand nothing is to be taken for granted, which is why, even when they seemingly had the pennant-clincher over the Dodgers firmly in hand, he kept his glee in check until the last out was recorded.
"That was as good as you could have hoped for, because you just never had that thing where they got over that hump," he said.

In addition to his suite, Cusack also has seats in the stands, closer to the dugout. He paced between the two during the deciding Game 6 of the National League Championship Series with the Dodgers, perhaps to change vantage points, or maybe to give him a pathway to pace.
"I was never worried in the pennant night at all, no matter what the score was," he said. "I was totally calm. Even in Cleveland when I was there [for Game 2 of the World Series], it was like, the first inning on, we just had them."
The 1-0 loss to the Tribe in Game 3, however, had him a little on edge.
"Around the sixth inning, I felt like the baseball gods were toying with us, to try our patience," he said.
Despite their status as underdogs, Cusack never took the Indians, who now have a 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven series, for granted.
"They're not going to just give it to us," he said.
And what would he do if the Cubs won the whole thing?
"I don't know," he said with a laugh. "It's unchartered territory. Come back when they win."