Hermosillo, Adam non-tendered by Cubs

December 1st, 2021

The Cubs opted to cut loose a pair of pre-arbitration players in right-hander and outfielder on Tuesday but tendered contracts to all of their other unsigned players, including catcher Willson Contreras and outfielder Ian Happ.

Contreras and Happ were the remaining Cubs eligible for arbitration. They are now considered signed for 2022 at salaries to be determined -- at least as the system is currently constructed. Under that system, teams and players would exchange salary proposals next month ahead of arbitration hearings in February.

This year offers a complication, however. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement between owners and players, which governs the economics of the sport, expires Wednesday night.

Adam and Hermosillo are free to sign with another team at any time. Adam pitched for the Cubs in each of the past two seasons with a 4.44 ERA in 25 total appearances, and Hermosillo logged 36 at-bats in 16 games following a callup this year in August.