Hale a fan of JRD: 'I always love this day'

April 16th, 2016

SAN DIEGO -- Chip Hale is a big fan of Jackie Robinson Day when all players wear No. 42 in the Hall of Famer's honor, but there's just one complicating factor for the D-backs manager.

"It gets a bit confusing at times to figure out who's who," Hale said with a smile.

The D-backs wore their dark grey road uniforms with red lettering for Friday's game against the Padres.

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Players had No. 42 on the back without their names.

"It's fun," Hale said. "Obviously a huge day in baseball history. Opened up borders for so many different groups of people and he was such a great guy, Jackie Robinson. I always love this day."

When he managed in the Arizona farm system, Hale toyed with the idea of testing his players on baseball history as a way of encouraging them to learn more about it.

"I would manage in rookie ball and there'd be greats that would come in as roving [instructors] with other teams, there'd be coaches with other teams and [my players] had no idea who they were and I felt bad," Hale said. "I thought it would be better if guys were better historians about the game."

D-backs third baseman Jake Lamb likely would have passed the test if it involved Robinson.

"It's awesome," Lamb said. "To me getting the chance to wear No. 42 represents him and pays tribute to everything he did for this game. It's an honor for me."