Peralta nails as D-backs rake against Rox

Lovullo loves team's approach as Arizona clubs 3 HRs in series opener

July 2nd, 2022

DENVER -- When he criticized his hitters' approach at the plate following Wednesday's loss to the Padres, D-backs manager Torey Lovullo said he was frustrated because he knew they were capable of more.

They'd done it before, he said, and could do so again.

"I'm not coming off that," he insisted. "I know it's in there."

Friday's 9-3 win over the Rockies at Coors Field was an example of what Lovullo was talking about.

The D-backs did hit three homers in the game, but they also used the whole field to spread balls into the large outfield gaps. One of the homers went to the opposite field and another to center.

"I think these guys have a great skill to put the bat on the ball and barrel up the baseball," Lovullo said. "As I said, I think home runs are thrown, not hit. There's a certain part of execution throughout the course of the at-bat and you've got to be stubborn to it. I think we did that tonight.

“This is what I'm talking about. You know, they spoil me when they do it. It looks like this. And the days where I get a little frustrated, I think we come out of our approach, so we’ve just got to continue to be stubborn and stick with our approach."

Either that, or Arizona could just have David Peralta's 4-year-old daughter Sofia paint the players’ fingernails.

Peralta, who logged a homer, a double and a pair of RBIs in the series opener against the Rockies, said Sofia asked recently if she could paint his nails. And he readily agreed, hoping it would bring him some luck.

Peralta and his multi-colored nails are 8-for-21 over the past week.

"She was like, 'Daddy, these are for good luck,'" Peralta said. "She's got all kinds of different designs. So now when we go back home [Sunday night], I'm going to have to have her touch them up because it's going really well. Hey, whatever works."

Jokes aside, Lovullo is right, the D-backs have shown this kind of offensive output before.

This past week is a good example of the inconsistency they've battled against. Arizona scored 11 runs against the Tigers last Sunday and seven runs against the Padres in the following game, cranking out 21 hits in the process.

Then, on Wednesday, the D-backs were shut out by the Padres and they had just one hit through the first seven innings before picking up two hits over the final two frames.

"That's just baseball sometimes," Peralta said. "We talk about it every day in the hitters' meetings, you know, be more selective at the plate."

The question now is whether the D-backs turned a corner on Friday and can keep it going. Or was it a matter of the game being at hitter-friendly Coors Field against a last-place Rockies team that saw its starter exit after the second inning due to a right shoulder injury?

"I think there was an awareness of what we were trying to do per at-bat, per pitch, and we executed at a very high level," Lovullo said.

Saturday night they'll have to show they can do it all over again.