Price mentoring Red Sox's young lefties

Rodriguez, Owens beneficiaries of Cy Young Award-winner's wisdom

February 15th, 2016

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- New Red Sox ace David Price is taking advantage of his early arrival at Spring Training by getting to know some his new pitching colleagues.

And Price has made it clear he will relish the opportunity to help younger lefties like Eduardo Rodriguez and Henry Owens.

"Absolutely," Price said. "I'm an open book to all the guys. The four days that you're not pitching are the days you can really learn a lot. I've kind of taken that [seriously] the last few years and making sure I'm always watching and paying attention and getting better even on the days I'm not pitching."

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And by teaching pitchers like Rodriguez and Owens tricks of the trade, Price is in turn helping the Red Sox get better.

Rodriguez showed plenty of flashes of brilliance in his rookie season of a year ago and now he gets to work with one of the most established pitchers in the game in Price.

"I pay close attention to all the young guys throughout baseball but especially the left-handers," said Price. "He's got a very bright future when you look at just the explosiveness of all his pitches and the fact he already has a changeup. I feel like at such a young age, that's a huge pitch to already have in his arsenal.

"He's already sat me down two or three times and talked to me about pitching, and I've already watched video of him and stuff like that, so I'm happy he wants to learn. I'll teach him everything I know."

And Red Sox fans will take heart in this: "He's much further along than I was when I was his age," said Price.

Owens isn't quite as developed at this stage as Rodriguez, but Price sees plenty of promise.

"When you're as tall as Henry is and he has that angle, that causes a lot of problems for hitters. He's another guy I'll pay close attention to," said Price.

While camp doesn't start officially until Thursday -- reporting day for pitchers and catchers -- Price has gotten a chance to get to know new manager John Farrell.

"John is a guy I've kind of watched for a while," said Price. "I remember when he was with the Blue Jays, and he was the pitching coach here before that and just kind of paying attention to him and watching him. I see how he has respect from all his players. That's a big part of what we're trying to do so that's big."

Most everything about the Red Sox is new for Price, but he does have an old friend and teammate he is reuniting with in Rick Porcello.

"We spent half a year there in Detroit. He was a very good friend to me, and that was a tough day, that offseason when he got traded to the Red Sox," said Price. "It's good to be back here with Rick, and he's a good friend of mine."

Price knows full well that all eyes will be on him this season, but he sounds comfortable about what is ahead.

"Just throw the baseball the way I'm capable of throwing it. If I go out there and throw like David Price, I know I'll be satisfied and so will our fan base and the city of Boston," said Price. "So I just want to go out there and put my best foot forward and try and help this team win."