Price hones delivery in bullpen session

Ace incorporates mechanical adjustments suggested by Pedroia, pitching coach Willis

May 9th, 2016

BOSTON -- Red Sox ace David Price had a chance to put some mechanical adjustments in motion by throwing a bullpen session at Fenway Park on Monday -- three days before he makes his next start against the Astros.

In addition to some mechanical flaws Dustin Pedroia had pointed out to Price, manager John Farrell also noted some other things the left-hander is working to address.

"And the focus, in addition to his normal work routine, was to get him to try to stay over the rubber a little longer and get his hands separating a little more in sync with the rest of his delivery. So it was a good work day for him," said Farrell.

Farrell thinks that all the history Pedroia had facing Price was helpful in spotting what was different in their brief time together as teammates. In particular, Pedroia noticed that Price's arms weren't moving in sync throughout his delivery.

"He has a unique perspective, because he's competed against [Price] in the batter's box [so he] knows what it looks like coming at him," said Farrell. "And then to be standing behind him defensively and see how right-handed hitters react based on what he's also felt while in the batter's box, so it's a unique perspective. But we've seen it a number of times with Pedey. He pays attention obviously and is a great teammate."

Pitching coach Carl Willis had no complaints about Pedroia providing an extra set of eyes. It actually worked hand in hand with some other mechanical flaws Willis had spotted.

"We hadn't connected it to the hands," said Willis. "We felt the foot was getting out from underneath him, and he was not really getting a good load. That's still part of the equation, but in connecting the hands with it, it allows it to all stay in a better loaded position."

Price is 4-1 with a 6.75 ERA in his first seven starts for the Red Sox.