Can you tell if these fielders will collide or not?

Watch out!

March 25th, 2020

A baseball goes up in the air. One fielder thinks he has it. Another thinks he has it. They track it, and track it, and track it ... and by the time they realize what's about to happen, it's too late (if quiz does not display below, click here):

Plays like that have fueled baseball blooper reels for decades now, and understandably so -- assuming no one got hurt, they're extremely funny. While it may seem like a Keystone Kops routine, avoiding collisions isn't as easy as it looks: Things happen fast on a Major League diamond, and navigating a fly ball and your teammates all at the same time can be awfully tricky.

Want proof? Take the quiz below, and try to guess whether each fly ball will end in a simple out or total disaster. (Note: None of the players involved suffered an injury or had to come out of the game.)