Dodger Stadium pipe burst ends spring finale

Freeway Series tilt called in bottom of fifth due to flooding

March 28th, 2018

LOS ANGELES -- Tuesday night's exhibition-season finale between the Dodgers and Angels was called in the bottom of the fifth inning after an underground pipe burst and water flooded the warning track on the third-base side, just beyond the Dodgers' dugout. 
With mud on the warning track nearly to the grass in foul territory, the game was delayed for 32 minutes as the grounds crew tried to sweep away the standing water and use a drying agent typically used during rain delays, but more water kept coming and the Freeway Series finale was called after one hour, forty-seven minutes. 
"Apparently there was a pipe backup on two different levels of the stadium," Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten said. "We don't know exactly where the backup was, or what caused it. It had something to do with a main pipe here, as well as main pipe outside the stadium."
Since the Dodgers were winning, 4-3, in the bottom of the fifth, the game and stats were official.