Los Angeles celebs celebrate Dodgers' win

Everyone in L.A. is a Dodgers fan tonight

October 28th, 2020

Los Angeles, baby! It's the city of stars! The sidewalks are all made of glitter and every single coffee shop has at least, like, four Oscar Award winners waiting in line.

OK, so maybe the city isn't quite like that, but when the Dodgers won their seventh World Series title on Tuesday night, the stars did make sure to get on Twitter to celebrate with everyone else.

Naturally, Lakers star LeBron James, was back to tweeting in support of the Dodgers. And hey, you may say that James has only played in Los Angeles for about two years, but half the city is made up of recent transplants who have fallen in love with the Dodgers, so if anything that makes him a local.

Though he knows it probably can't happen this year because of COVID-19, the King wants a two-team parade:

He also wants to make sure that everyone respects future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw now that he's finally got his ring:

Magic Johnson may be a part-owner of the team, but he's so pumped for both the Lakers and Dodgers:

Longtime Dodgers devotee Larry King made his World Series celebration a family affair:

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his very best "It's time for Dodger baseball!" Vin Scully he ain't:

Tennis legend Billie Jean King was partying, complete with Dodgers facemask:

Kobe Bryant's daughter, Natalia, shared this heartbreaking image to Instagram:

Actor Rob Lowe also shared a photo from when he was at Dodger Stadium with Bryant:

Actor James Caan's tweet was blunt and to the point:

Ashton Kutcher needed only two letters:

Comedian George Lopez went on a retweeting spree for his team, but also posted this photo with Game 6 closer, Julio Urías:

And Diplo, wearing some Elton John-inspired threads, fell in love with the team.