Dodgers hold memorial service for Lasorda

January 20th, 2021

More than a week after his passing, the Dodgers held a special private ceremony for Tommy Lasorda at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. The event was reserved for close friends and family.

“We gather here this day in gratitude, in love, in appreciation for our very own Tommy LA-sorda,” said Sister Johnellen Turner. “Tommy, we are honored to be standing here on a mound that you visited many, many times. A diamond that served as your table of sharing with the men and women you loved so much. A mound and a home plate where you had special encounters, we know, with the umpires. A mound where your heart rested and where you’re resting with us at this time.”

During the ceremony, Lasorda’s casket was placed on the mound with his No. 2 engraved behind the rubber. His photo was displayed throughout Dodger Stadium as his closest friends said one last goodbye during an emotional graveside memorial service.

Michael Greenberg, Chris Leggio, Eric Karros, Mickey Hatcher and Steve Brener spoke and served as pallbearers along with Warren Lichtenstein, Bobby Valentine, Charlie Hough, Mike Scioscia and Mike Fratello.

“The impact, the loyalty, the love, the passion which he did everything -- it’s second to none,” Karros said. “I’m going to miss him, we’re all going to miss him, but I will say this: He had a heck of a run. He had a heck of a run.”

“Tommy was our guiding light, all us players that are here today have stories like that,” said Hatcher, who played six seasons for Lasorda. “He made you better than what you were, especially on the field. But not only on the field after you played baseball. He made me successful in life because he taught me how it was to go out there, get involved in the community, talk to people, be motivated, be positive and work hard.”